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Govt may hit naturalized citizens residing outside Reconsider decision: ex-lawmakers

KUWAIT CITY, Aug 13: The government intends to revoke the citizenship of a number of naturalized Kuwaiti citizens who are included in the 1965 census but do not reside in the country, reports Al-Rai daily quoting security sources. Regarding the doubts raised by some individuals about the credibility of the recent governmental decision to withdraw the citizenship of ten individuals due to the fact that some of the latter were born before 1957, which indicates that they meet the condition of 1965 census, sources clarified that the decision was issued based on the Constitution and law following several intensive meetings.

They explained that some of the citizens who are included in this decision were born before year 1965 but it was proven through some official documents that their birth certificates were issued around 1985. When asked about their place of birth, they revealed that they were born in the desert and did not have documents to prove their place of birth. The sources added that the government used the report submitted by Sheikh Thamer Al-Jaber Committee as a reference for taking this decision.

Meanwhile, they revealed that some former lawmakers are trying to find ways to convince the government to reconsider its decision, adding that they asked some current lawmakers and prominent dignitaries to intervene in the matter so that their citizenships are not withdrawn in the future.

The former lawmakers warned that the implementation of such a decision will provoke chaos and disorder in the future. Reminding that these former MPs had participated in some activities for provoking chaos on the Kuwaiti street, the sources indicated that the former lawmakers have been reconsidering their stances out of fear of losing their citizenships, after the government took strict decisions to revoke citizenships of those who violate the ‘citizenship law’.

They added that a former MP from the Second Constituency and another from the Fifth Constituency requested a current MP to ask a ruling family member to mediate on their behalf so that the government does not withdraw their citizenships in the future, as they are planning to leave the political scene completely. In addition, the sources revealed that a number of top figures of the Muslim Brotherhood Group have asked ministers to mediate on behalf of some former MPs affiliated to the Islamic Constitutional Movement to ensure their citizenships are not withdrawn, adding that those former MPs have expressed their intention to leave the political scene and stop using youths to provoke chaos in the country.

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