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Name omitted on Passport

Let’s suppose a person’s name on his old passport is Abdul Qadir Qureshi s/o Habib ur Rehman, and when he applies for a MRP (Machine Readable Passport) his name on the new passport is written as Abdul Qadir s/o Habib ur Rehman (with the family name “Qureshi” being omitted). And if on his Civil ID his name is Abdul Qadir Qureshi Habib ur Rehman. So in this case can he face any legal issues and what is the procedure this person has to follow to avoid facing problems?

Name withheld
The problem that you have cited in one which is faced by a lot of people who without consulting anyone change their names on the passports and then run into difficulties. You could face problems if the Immigration Department, Traffic Department (if you hold a driving license) officials notice the change. In such a case they will refuse to conduct any transactions until the name on your passport matches the one on your residence ( Interior Ministry & Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor computers).

So, it is better if you have the name corrected on your passport because to get the name change done on the Kuwait documents is normally around a three-month process which involves going to the Ministry of Justice with two witnesses, after which the change is published in the Kuwait Gazette. Armed with the Kuwait Gazette, you have then to approach the Immigration Department to make the change on your residence, then go to the Public Authority for Civil Information (PACI) to make the change on the Civil ID and if you have a driving license, then a visit to the Kuwait Traffic Department will also be required.

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