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Middle East taking new shape? Terror groups part of strategy

Thousands of defenseless Yazidis have escaped to the top of Mount Sinjar following the siege of their town. They fled their homes because their only folly is their belief or rather religion. According to news reports the Yazidis on Mount Sinjar will not survive for more than a day or two the onslaught of the Jihadist fighters who will massacre them one by one. The first Syrians who migrated to Lebanon when Bashar Al-Assad unleashed his artillery machinery on them are now looking for another shelter because they have begun to fear for their lives.
This is because the governor of one of the Lebanese provinces Jezzine who had provided refuge to the Syrians fleeing the war in their country is now restricting their movement and is said to have even issued orders for the Lebanese not to harbor Syrian refugees citing reasons of safety, security and public health. The order is dated Aug 6, 2014. In Libya thousands of Arabs and foreigners are fleeing from the villages and towns seeking refuge on Egypt’s western border but there too the Egyptian authorities have turned them back for fear of the terrorists. The Egyptians say the terrorists may take advantage of the situation and enter Egypt.
In Libya, the people of Benghazi are in the midst of hell unleashed by two conflicting parties — the men General Haftar and the radical Islamists. This conflict has become so fierce that civilians have given up the idea of returning to a peaceful home. Have I mentioned everything that is happening in the Middle East? No, I don’t think so. I hope you will agree with me that the statements which have been issued recently by the Arabs — a majority of them are targeting the refugees to stop them from fleeing their homes and countries.
Is there anyone who will want the Arabs to hate each other more than they do right now? Is this the beginning of a drama of the so-called ‘New Middle East’? My main focus here is to contemplate on the scenario of internal displacement perpetuated by the civil and sectarian conflicts propelled by greed for power while in reality it is hell on earth. The ongoing events did not come as a bolt from the blue. The Middle East is taking a new shape in an organized manner. The armed groups are not championing either the case or the cause, they are just tools of a comprehensive plan to make it appear the region is not targeted from the outside but rather everything is happening from within.
It is indeed a very gruesome conflict which has forced the people of the same nation rise up in arms against each other under the patronage of the devil. Nonetheless, it looks like the Arab Spring wasn’t good enough to cover the entire region and for this reason the theory of the terrorist groups has been used to intimidate us. We are given the impression that we should take up arms against each other for the sake of peace but we should not forget that the sectarian war is deadlier than the artillery war. In spite of diplomacy and good intentions we cannot deny the fact that internal conflicts have hurled us into the Bermuda Triangle which is fast swallowing nations.
I don’t know where our destiny will take us but one thing I am sure of is the need of the hour for the Arabs and Muslims is to unify their ranks - with commitment and determination — and make it a supreme priority if we want to protect ourselves before it is too late. We should know that the ongoing conflicts are not fought entirely with bombs. Complications and disorder has been the order of the day to a point where Lebanon has issued orders not to shelter the Syrian refugees. The Lebanese seem to have forgotten that the Syrians had opened their doors and their hearts for them when Israel invaded their country in 1982. Those who celebrated the victories of the Arab Spring revolutions should now dance on the corpses of women and children in villages, towns, deserts and at the foothills.
 By Intisar Al-Maa’tooq

By: Intisar Al-Maa’tooq

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