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‘Terror policy boosts group’s gains’ ‘DAESH will meet its end if they plan to attack S. Arabia’

AS doubts over the level of violations committed by DAESH are cleared regarding its establishment and financing, there’s concrete proof about an intelligence system establishing the suspicious militant group.  It is clear that pictures posted on the social networking sites about chopping off heads, distorting of corpses and capturing of women, not to mention the markets established for slaves, are not accidental. It is a deliberate act pre-planned by the leaders of the organization. These shots scare the adversaries of the terrorist organization, being a psychological warfare against those DAESH calls as its enemies. It seems that effects of the videos are fast and inspiring to the organization, as several communities in Kurdish Peshmerga were chased away easily. 
There was no resistance to confront DAESH expansion even after the Christian community fled from their respective areas, and strangely the entire world kept silent. The matter provokes several question marks. The continuous survival of DAESH without weaponry or substantial missiles and its toppling of the Iraqi army and Peshmerga make us wonder the power behind the suspicious organization. 
In the past, Hezbollah was the source of terror in Lebanon. The group has again taken complete dominion since it increased in power after entering the Syrian quagmire, following its victory in the battle of Al-Qaseer. Now, there are two terrorist organizations in operation; one of them is Shiite and the other is Sunni, but both groups do not threaten Assad regime! We noticed the two suspicious groups remained still during the assault on Gaza, as if they are not concerned with the issue!
Fingerprints of the intelligence systems are very clear in both organizations, while the logistics, military and media support for them is clear. We observed DAESH moving toward Kurdistan and left Baghdad after the Sunni tribes staged an uprising in Iraq with the aim of changing the direction of incidents but agreements signed under the table remain secret. This is what we have learnt from the events. DAESH will not be able to reach the goals of its financers completely, as the Saudi dust is refractory. I heard that Saudi Arabia is the next target of DAESH! 
Definitely, the Saudi army will be a force for DAESH to reckon with, unlike the army of Al-Maliki or the militias of Peshmerga. I think the group will not dare touch a span of the lands of the sisterly kingdom. Once DAESH tries to attack Saudi, it will not only be confronted by Saudi army but the Peninsula Forces and forces from other friendly nations. DAESH will be seeking its end if the members think of attacking the sisterly kingdom. We entreat Allah the Almighty to protect our Kuwait and the Gulf from any misfortune and bestow security and safety to us.
 By Yousef Awadh Al-Azemi

By: Yousef Awadh Al-Azemi

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