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Court acquits Kuwaiti of manslaughter

KUWAIT CITY, Aug 11: The Court of Appeals acquitted a citizen of the charges of manslaughter after he lost control of his car and hit a trailer that was parked on the roadside off Fahaheel Expressway, killing an Arab expatriate. The case files indicated the accused had caused the death of the victim (Arab expatriate) after he lost control of his car and hit a trailer that was parked on the roadside, where the victim was standing and the trailer, swerving, crashed and stomped the victim against the concrete barricade. Forensic report confirmed the victim died as a result of the incident. Defense Attorney Lawyer Hanadi pleaded with the court to acquit her client due to lack of substantial evidence to prove the defendant had committed a mistake, affirming it was the mistake of the victim that led to the accident.

Groom wins comp: The Court of Appeals upheld the verdict issued by the Court of First Instance which ordered an events company to pay KD 10,000 to a Kuwaiti citizen as compensation for material and psychological damages due to the company’s failure in organizing the citizen’s wedding ceremony in Jahra as per the agreement. According to the plaintiff counsel Attorney Mohammad Al-Salili, the citizen sued the company for breaching the agreement, according to which the company was supposed to arrange a wedding tent with certain number of screens, four photographers, a stylish vehicle for the bride and a musical band to perform from 7 pm to 11 pm. The contract also included provision of meals for 700 VIP guests inside the main wedding tent and buffet meal for another 700 guests in the bride’s tent. The plaintiff had paid an advance of KD 4,000 out of the agreed amount of KD 8,000. However, the company did not meet majority of the demands specified in the agreement. The meals were inadequate, screens were not placed at every angle of the tent, sufficient buffet servers and waiters were not available and the tents were badly decorated. The hosts were embarrassed by the setup especially since many of the guests were unable to stay in the tents for long and left much before the closing time. A night that was supposed to be memorable became a nightmare for the plaintiff, affecting the latter Hanadi Al-Salili psychologically.

Divorce granted: The Personal Status Court presided over by Judge Mohammed Al-Meshaileh approved the request of an Egyptian woman to divorce her husband. Accordingly, she is required to count ‘iddat’ (period of waiting before remarrying) from the period the verdict was issued. The plaintiff Attorney Ali Matar Al-Wawan on behalf of his client submitted a divorce petition indicating the woman had been married to the defendant based on a contract signed in Egypt and they have children, but the defendant mistreated her and she was unable to continue her life with him. Earlier, the plaintiff filed a petition for divorce and the court accepted but she resolved the differences with her husband while appealing the verdict. Finally, she decided to divorce her husband after making sure that life with him had become impossible. Moreover, she redeemed herself by renouncing the dowry completely in exchange for divorce, as per the personal affairs law in Egypt.

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