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Files of 37,000 Bedoun referred for ‘nationality’ ‘Money cannot buy Egyptian citizenship’

KUWAIT CITY, Aug 11: The Central System for Remedying Status of Illegal Residents (CSRSIR) has referred the files of about 37,000 Bedoun residents for the naturalization process, reports Al- Shahed daily quoting reliable sources.

They explained that CSRSIR has been working hard to prepare the files of the Bedoun applicants for naturalization. All those who registered with the system were divided into two categories whereby those who met all necessary conditions and were found deserving of citizenship were placed in one category while those who had to modify their positions legally especially after their origins were tracked, were placed in another category.

They added that CSRSIR will refer all the files of the Bedoun applicants to the government by the beginning of next year. Meanwhile, the sources revealed that a number of individuals whose names are listed for withdrawal of Kuwaiti citizenship have travelled to some European countries for obtaining citizenships there. They explained that a number of media practitioners and members of the Muslim Brotherhood Group traveled to those countries for obtaining citizenships.

Some traveled to Canada and certain European countries and have transferred their money for investing there with the aim of obtaining citizenship in case their Kuwaiti citizenships are canceled. In addition, some Egyptian officials have denied that the Egyptian government is studying a proposal to grant citizenship to Bedoun residents in Kuwait, as well as Arab and foreign investors for financial gains.

They insisted that certain rules and conditions have to be met in order for granting citizenship, adding, “It cannot be bought with money”.

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