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Nutritionists demand jobs in schools as promised earlier About 50 females hold sit-in at MoE

KUWAIT CITY, Aug 11: About 50 female nutritionists held a sit-in at Ministry of Education on Sunday, demanding the Undersecretary Mariam Al-Wateed to provide jobs for them in schools as promised earlier by the ministry instead of referring their files to the Government Manpower Restructuring Program (GMRP), reports Al-Seyassah daily. Through MP Hamdan Al- Azmi, Al-Wateed had earlier promised to appoint them in schools on service contracts and had requested for a meeting with two of the nutritionist supervisors to hear their demands.

An officer from Ministry of Interior, who was mediating between the Ministry of Education and the nutritionists, accompanied them to the Undersecretary’s office and informed them that the undersecretary had referred their files to GMRP.

Al-Wateed had indicated to the official that only those who will accept support jobs such as security for which the ministry requires workers, can be appointed in the ministry. Al-Wateed also told the protestors not to waste time and to check their files with GMRP. However, one of the nutrition supervisors clarified that they met with the Secretary General of GMRP Fawzi Al-Mejdali who told them that the delay was from the ministry. He had also asked for a meeting with the officials from Ministry of Education; however, he was not informed of any new development in that regard.

One of the protesting nutritionists revealed that the April salaries of the released employees were deposited in their bank accounts, indicating that she and many of her colleagues refuse to receive such money which they consider as temporary compensation for pacification. Indicating that their salaries will stop from August 2014, which will affect them financially and socially, the nutritionists stressed the degree of their suffering due to their financial obligations such as the loans that they have to settle.

They also stressed their fear for their future due to the loss of their job which was a source of income for them. They revealed that they have submitted a letter of complaint to the Cabinet in which they explained the problem, its reasons and consequences on their lives.

Meanwhile, sources said GMRP affirmed it does not have any solutions for the problem besides providing the affected employees with compensation of KD 300 for unemployment, even though the affected employees were receiving about KD 700 per month when they were working as nutritionist supervisors.

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