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Some ‘learned’ lack basic knowhow ‘Cultivated don’t need degrees’

In a very short span of time, I have dealt with various people who are known as cultivated (educated) and their names are usually suffixed by words that indicate they are cultivated and learned. I used to wonder whether such names are being distributed for free.
You will find one of them holding a high academic certificate — only Allah knows how he got it — but when he talks, he uses shocking, strange and empty words. The basis of cultivation of such person is feeble and his information is so shallow; to a point that if you ask him about what spoils ablution (‘wudu’), he doesn’t know.
After mingling with such people for a while, I came to believe that many of them are just air-pumped dolls and they have nothing worth mentioning apart from a few of them. You can never depend on this kind of people to create a social culture based on cultural and artistic creativity. Most of them are there for the cameras and fame as you see them appearing in interviews more than their productivity.
Nonetheless, I am not a pessimist. Kuwait has distinguished, cultivated and enlightened people. It is a source of well-cultivated people that never dries. Therefore, it is necessary for you to always distinguish between the well-cultivated and the wiseacres. The most important characteristics of a cultivated person include high morals, decorum, modesty, knowledge of what he is talking about; as well as full awareness of local, regional and international events. These are the characteristics which most of the so-called cultivated people lack. 
Cultivation is exquisite. Our lives are based on culture and you can find among the common people someone with a respectable cultivation. For instance, I know several senior citizens who are illiterate in terms of reading and writing, but when you sit in the gatherings or rather in their company, you will hear them speak in a sensible manner and you will think they are icons of culture.
Wherever you meet someone who is pious, self-possessed and with good moral character; in addition to having knowledge — even a little of it - it means you are standing in front of a cultivated person. Nonetheless, the cultivation that I know is not the culture of appearing in boring television interviews, most of which are far from the cultivation concept.
Currently in Kuwait, there are hardworking youth movements in various faculties in universities and polytechnics. In the last book fair, I witnessed several cultural movements. Even the Kuwait Writers Association is being administered by excellent and well-cultivated youths. This is wonderful and praiseworthy.
However, cultivation is for all and not just for certain category of people. Variety of cultures expands knowledge and it is considered a positive and attractive factor. It is then necessary for the authority to hold a nationwide campaign to encourage reading and to create opportunities for cultivated talents. 
The culture of any given country is an important factor which could boost its reputation and promote its name among other nations. In this case, I mean the culture of law-abiding person, patriotism and productivity in a manner that reflects and addresses the issues or concerns of the country.
 By Yusuf Awadh Al-Azemi

By: Yusuf Awadh Al-Azemi

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