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Waiting period slashed in coming housing law Common ground eyed for ‘oncall doctors’

KUWAIT CITY, Aug 10: The new housing law will be passed this month by an Amiri decree subsequent to approval of the required modifications in two discussions at the National Assembly, reports Al-Qabas daily. The daily quoting sources from Public Authority for Housing Welfare (PAHW) added the sector earlier had submitted a draft law to modify two laws related to housing welfare, Law No. 47/93 and Law No. 27/95, to enable the authority accomplish a large number of apartments as possible. Sources indicated the new draft law will make it possible for PAHW to move across various channels to fulfill the ambitions of the political leadership on housing level by reducing the waiting period.

As per the new draft law, the authority will implement a quota of the projects and the investment companies will shoulder the responsibility in the remaining projects, while private sector takes charge of executing specific projects to grant PAHW ample arms through which a large number of units and various projects can be accomplished. They went on saying the new draft law canceled the step of establishing joint companies to take charge of the execution of new housing cities due to obstacles in the way that rendered their feasibility useless. In another development, sources said PAHW will not have the government houses ready before 10 years from now after the distribution of available figures in the current phase is complete. Until then, only plots and apartments will be distributed. They said PAHW currently has 396 houses ready in northwest Sulaibikhat, which includes 202 from the first phase and 194 houses from the second phase, while Jaber Al-Ahmad City has 1,475 houses ready, and 2,201 houses in Sabah Al- Ahmad City have already been distributed.

KUWAIT CITY: The Ministry of Health, represented by Assistant Undersecretary for Legal Affairs, Salman Al-Haifi, has coordinated with the Interior Ministry, represented by the Investigations department concerning organization of the mechanism of doctors call in order to ensure that the doctors carry out their humanitarian and professional duties uninterrupted. Al-Haifi said in a press statement that the legal department of the ministry has contacted the director general of the investigations department to study a proposal to have the ‘oncall doctor’ be called in when necessary by a competent officer of the investigations department and in coordination with the Department of Legal Affairs of the Ministry of Health. He added that the proposal would help in the arrangement of the ‘oncall doctor’ so as to have the investigation done at the headquarters of the General Administration of investigations and not in a police station. He said that investigators at police stations often summon doctors to police stations to help in the investigations, a matter that interrupts the doctors’ routine work at the hospitals. (KUNA)

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