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Not happy with the company want to return home

I am an expatriate working for a local company I came to Kuwait on a visit visa before I transferred to a work permit. I have been working for this company in an executive position for the last 14 months. I am not happy here and want to go back to my country without any issues. Would you be kind enough to let me know the process?

Name withheld
: All you have to do is resign from your job and if the resignation is accepted just leave the country if your contract with the company doesn’t stand in the way. If, however, the contract is for a fixed period then you have to complete that period... otherwise you might have to pay for the uncompleted part of the contract if the company so desires.

This could equal the total salaries for the uncompleted part of the contract or even more if the company believes that your early departure could cause them a certain loss. The best way is to discuss the issue with your company officials and get their views on the subject before you submit your resignation.

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