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Mr Obama, you do not need justification

DEAR Mr Barack Obama, we and the entire world do not need you to justify American plane attacks on the bastions of DAESH, because all those who are wise oppose this terroristic plague which devastates people irrespective of their religious affiliations. This plague does not respect Muslims, Christians, the Yazidis in Iraq or any other area under its control.
Mr President, the United States of America indisputably shares a big part of the responsibility in this domain as it disregards some terrorist groups and supports or allies with others; imagining that it can avoid the evil of these groups exactly like what it did with the Brotherhood Movement — the reason behind the spread of this plague.
The United States helped, through its wrong calculations, to provide terrorist incubators in several Arab areas by supporting Israel and covering its stubbornness in giving back the rights of the Palestinian nation; thereby, pushing the latter towards despair and suicide. Your country is fully responsible for converting the terrorist and extremist groups into ‘sources’ of threats against the Arab and Islamic worlds, particularly in our region by banning the export of certain weapons to us; whereas you generously provide the advanced ones to Israel. By the way, Israel is the only one that benefits from spreading this plague which serves it and transforms its weak justification into a purely Jewish country.
What DAESH commits in the current time is exactly what would have happened in the entire region if the Brotherhood Movement managed to control it. What also happened in Egypt during its tenure is clear evidence of this, as extremism and violence against Christians and those who contradict its ideology increased ostensibly. What is happening in the regions where it has power is another piece of evidence. 
Therefore, your initiative to attack DAESH is the first step to eliminate danger that threatens international peace which you are in charge of, as well as all other countries. Yet, it should be complemented with other steps to make these attacks a source of power for such terrorist organization which threatens your interests in the region before anything else.
Today, you do not need to stipulate continuous attack on DAESH because lasting solution is necessary to control such a plague. All countries, especially those in Europe and the West, must unite to control the plague; considering some are trying to reinforce the existence of such a terrorist entity by announcing that they welcome Christians displaced from Mosul and Nineveh. This step is aimed at emptying Iraq and the region of those who have been there since Christianity was born.
Our beloved Mr Obama, Islam did not come with any of the crimes against humanity which the world has seen. The crimes committed by these groups are a threat to humans, history and the whole civilization, and there is no doubt the roots of your enculturation taught you that. We need re-explaining of proper, moderate and peaceful Islam, but what we really need is for the United States of America to stop the politics of betting over reconciliation of those groups. We also want the human rights wand to be waved in the faces of countries fighting against this plague, because today’s war is about our return to the Middle Ages and its miseries or to move towards advancement, civilization and accomplishments of humanity throughout the past centuries.
Perhaps, time doesn’t allow review of mistakes committed by the USA that led to this dangerous situation. This is not also the time for reckoning, especially amid hundreds of thousand lives at risk of death due to hunger and famine; as well as displaced in Iraq’s rough hills and terrain. This is not the time to reckon USA’s mistakes, considering the massacre which has been continuing for many weeks as victims are being murdered in cold blood daily.
Nonetheless, it is the appropriate time for countries to expiate its sins to be in line with its slogans in protecting freedom and human rights, which have been adorned with thousands of researches and reports about them. It is time for you to realize the suffering of the Arab world when it declared its acceptance of comprehensive peace and justice, and strived towards the joint initiative endorsed 12 years ago. 
However, your politics has been hampering the initiative since the beginning and allowed Israel to escalate aggression on the Palestinians. It has made matters worse up to the point where the Arab world appears to be feeble and this helped terrorists to spread their ideas among nations. Therefore, whenever we say that it is unnecessary for you to justify your fight against the terrorists; we really mean that despite our differences on your previous stances — our people and our countries support your mission. In fact, majority of moderate Arabs and Muslims are saying, “Fight against them, we are standing with you’’. We will also say: ‘’Fight against terrorism wherever it is, even in Palestine, whether the Zionists terrorism or those hiding behind Islam.”
Also, lift your unjustified ban on exporting weapons to the moderate Arab world to eliminate this plague which has been propagated through slackness and hesitance policies. Through these steps, you will surely erase your mistakes towards the Arabs and Muslims and help in remedying the causes of this terrorism.

By Ahmed Al-Jarallah

Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

By: Ahmed Al-Jarallah

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