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HR, religious groups reject any form of sexual abuse against maids ‘Islam strongly prohibits such behavior’

KUWAIT CITY, Aug 9: Several human rights and civil and religious groups strongly rejected any form of sexual abuse against the maidservants (female domestic workers) under the pretext of the category being the right hand possession (slaves), affirming that Islam does not permit people to mistreat maidservants as if they are slaves. In an investigative report, the groups mentioned that maidservants are employees who receive wages for the service they provide and it’s forbidden for anyone to violate them sexually in any case.

They added those who subvert them sexually on grounds that maids cannot go to the police and report them have severe punishment waiting for them by Allah the Almighty. In a statement, the Chairperson of Foreign Manpower Bureau at Kuwait’s Labor Union AbdulRahman Al-Ghanim said sexual assault is a reality and serious abuse against maids and those who behave in this manner has no understanding about life, reiterating that ‘’maids are not slaves’’.

He indicated Allah will never have mercy on those who subvert maids and sexually exploit them. He pointed out that the ideal solution to the problem is to cancel the sponsorship system so as to end the injustices against maidservants in particular and the entire expatriate manpower in general. Chairperson of the International Islamic Human Rights Organization lawyer Mubarak Al-Mutawa also said the international human rights organizations have a mission to mount pressure on those who have conscience to help the oppressed who have been sexually assaulted, such as maidservants and others.

Al-Mutawa explained that some countries in the world blacklist countries where maids are exploited sexually, in addition to those who mistreat maids like slaves. He pointed to those who sexually assault maids as rapists and adulterers, and they have severe punishment from Allah because the act committed is prohibited (haram).

Such people know the victim cannot report the matter to concerned authorities because he (the assailant) believes he is above the law and the general circumstances in the country are in his favor. Al-Mutawa indicated ‘’if only maids who are sexually assaulted maids have the courage to report the matter to the authority in the police station, the assailants will be jailed for five years. However, the loss of dignity can never be compensated in any case ‘’.

He recounted several instances where Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) issued an order to cut the hand of one of the people who was accused of stealing, although some people tried to intercede on his behalf, but the Prophet (PBUH) refused and vowed to cut even his daughter’s hand (Fatima — may Allah be pleased with her) if proven to have stolen the item. Al-Mutawa added that the Prophet (PBUH) had told his companions — may Allah be pleased with them — the previous nations were destroyed because whenever a noble person stole they let him go, but whenever a common person stole, they punish him.

Therefore, it is imperative to respect and uphold the rights of others — in this case, human organizations must spread full awareness to the public while ensuring the rights of maidservants against sexual abuse. Muslim Cleric Sheikh Badar Al- Hajraf affirmed that people who consider maids as slaves are ignorant of their religion and mentally retarded. He added Islam strongly prohibits such behavior and whoever commits such a crime is a sinner.

Another Muslim cleric Sheikh AbdulWahab Al-Hamoud said it is mandatory for everyone to treat maidservants with respect, in accordance to the teachings of the Prophet (PBUH), noting sexual assault against the maids or any other human being is a heinous crime, which Islam strongly prohibits.

By: Najeh Bilal Al-Seyassah Staff

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