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Al-Tamimi slams bid to incite chaos among Kuwait society Video fabricated, says MP

KUWAIT CITY, Aug 9: MP Abdullah Al-Tamimi condemned the recent attempt to incite chaos among members of the Kuwaiti society through a fabricated video shown on a satellite TV channel to ridicule some companions of the Prophet Mohamed (PBUH), the Mother of Faith ‘Aiysha’ and Al-Sabah ruling family. He criticized the step of attributing the video to a dead person whose life story completely contradicted such attitude, reports Al-Seyassah daily.

In a press statement, he said “I verified the content when I saw the video before making my statement, as the person in whose name the video was posted died nearly six months ago after suffering brain clot and falling into a coma for three months. He noted the deceased person had led a completely different life than portrayed, as he always kept away from sectarian issues and mayhem which those behind the video obviously intended to instigate in a safe and stable society.” He added the deceased person was a friend of his, and it is proven that the voice recording does not belong to the late Faisal Bahman ‘Abu Salman’, stressing he loved his homeland and his rulers too much, besides his love for various members of the society, indicating the deceased person had good relationship with many members of the ruling family. He stressed the voice in that video confirms the person does speak the Kuwaiti dialect, noting the family of Bahman has since refused to acknowledge the voice as that of their deceased relative.

Meanwhile, the brother of the late Abu Salman confirmed he will take legal action against anyone who harms his late brother’s reputation and all those behind the recording who have it in mind to incite chaos in the society, adding that countries are uniting to confront the threat of sectarian-inclined DAESH, “while we are witness mats of darkness targeting our peaceful society.”

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