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‘We will continue with citizenship revocation’ Attack on legistator’s house receives more condemnation

KUWAIT CITY, Aug 9: Parliamentary statements have been launched for two days consecutively to express resentment on the recent assault on MP Majid Mousa house after some unidentified persons fired gunshots at the house without registering casualties, reports Al-Seyassah daily. In this context, Deputy Parliament Speaker Mubarak Al-Kherainj lamented the attack, which he described as ‘strange in the Kuwaiti society that is known for tolerance and intimacy among its people’, especially as MP Mousa is tolerable and serves the Kuwaiti people and engages in no political conflict.

He demanded the Minister of Interior to hasten investigation to arrest the culprits and deliver them to the judiciary for punishment to deter any person thinks of harming the security of Kuwait. Meanwhile, MP Abdullah Al-Adwani condemned the attack and said “it was a heinous crime which aimed at causing harm to the people in the house”, stressing the MP is well-mannered and respects all people.

Furthermore, MP Adel Al- Kharafi condemned the issue of shooting in the house of MP Mousa, stressing the crime is punishable by law, and it is time the government toughens the penalties against those holding weapons to curb the phenomenon troubling the Kuwaiti society. “We are serious about revoking the citizenship of those who acquired it illegally or fraudulently”, says MP Dr Abdullah Al-Turaiji quoting Deputy Prime Minister and the Minister of Interior Sheikh Mohammad Al-Khalid Al-Sabah, reports Al-Rai daily Al-Turaiji explained that he received a telephone call from Sheikh Mohammad for discussing his statement made to the daily about receiving information of people who obtained Kuwaiti citizenship fraudulently such as by giving false information as well as those unqualified for acquiring citizenship because of their past criminal records. He affirmed that the minister is “ready to assist by giving the information that the MP had requested through the parliament” and promised to handle the issue transparently.

He revealed that the minister said, “If anyone is found undeserving of the citizenship, as per the information he has, the government will not hesitate to revoke the citizenship from that individual”. MP Al-Turaiji said Sheikh Mohammad stressed the strict measures he will adopt when dealing with the citizenship file and insisted that he is focused on the reform of the country and will not hesitate to take necessary actions against anyone who acquired citizenship illegally.

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