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Jahra sleuths uncover largest forgery of state bodies docus Asian gang caught in fetus abortions

KUWAIT CITY, Aug 8: Detectives from the Jahra Governorate have discovered the largest forgery of documents in state organizations, reports Annahar daily. Security sources told the daily that the owner of the company with the help of one the company mandoub of Arab nationality succeeded in forging commercial licenses and official letters bearing the signatures of former undersecretary of the Ministry of the Interior, in addition to payment of insurance certificates and patents from the Municipality to be submitted to the Central Tenders Committee. The sources confirmed that the company managed to get several bids from the ministries of Interior, Electricity, and Communications worth millions of dinars as well as bids from sensitive installations belonging to the Ministry of Interior on the strength of the letters bearing the forged signatures and former undersecretary of the ministry. The same sources pointed out the forgery came to light when the investigation officers suspected the company because it had won specific tenders of (security features), and follow-up and audit uncovered — the fraud which proved the contracts were won through falsification of government documents and the signatures of senior officials, especially those involved tried to obtain licenses security companies. During interrogation and after confronted with evidence the Arab mandoub admitted that the owner of the company and his brother put pressure on him to falsify the official documents to win tenders in the state.

Aborting fetuses: Police have arrested four Asians for aborting fetuses inside an apartment in Khaitan, reports Al-Shahed daily. The daily quoting security sources said personnel from the Criminal Investigation Department got a tip off from a police agent about the illegal activity of the gang which was charging KD 400 for each abortion. The daily added, the CID men then sent a fake customer with a request for abortion and on the appointed day and time police set a trap, raided the apartment and arrested the suspects. Police have reported seized from the apartment medicine used to induce abortion. The suspects have been referred to the concerned authorities.

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