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Egypt’s Sisi canal loyal to a promise

PRESIDENT ABDULFATTAH EL-SISI, you promised and you remain committed to your promise. You pledged that your nation will not sleep for Egypt to surmount the obstacles. Indeed, you unveiled a plan to hold a workshop on the development of the new Suez Canal with an aim to complete it in one year. This means all of Egypt has become a huge workshop.

 The ‘Sisi Canal’ will be a remarkable Egyptian achievement in terms of subsidy and efforts. Therefore, it will be different from the Ferdinand de Lesseps Canal which was dug by Egyptian hands in 1859, but it was possessed by other people until it was nationalized in 1956.
This is the new equation that El-Sisi brought to his country. This equation says the Egyptians will work for the good of their country and themselves by using their forearms and their ability to overcome difficulties. This is what all the people in the Arab region should realize — that nations have willpower but they need a leader to direct and lead the journey towards development without greed or personal interests. We then say to Field Marshal El-Sisi, “God bless you and your deed.”
It is true that Egypt needs huge investments. It can accept around $200 to $300 billion but this is not possible unless there is a genuine national will to follow the best model of work and achievement. This is necessary not only for the Egyptian investors to bring back the capital which went out during the ruling of the Brotherhood thugs, but also to push for the return of Arab and foreign capitals. This also necessitates the issuance of laws that provide guarantees for investments.
Indisputably, taking the initiative to implement this gigantic project comes with many Egyptian and Arab indicators. First, Egypt’s successful bid to get out of the tunnel of political and economic malpractices that the Brotherhood members engaged in when they grabbed the ruling power. In addition, Egypt will never go back to that tunnel and the big companies will not be dominated by top officials of the group.
Second, Arabs can now see the clearest example of getting out from the ‘bottleneck’ of backwardness which the Brotherhood Movement and all those flying along its orbit have been seeking to impose on the people. Toppling this group is not a daunting task, considering the Egyptian nation achieved it within a short period and peace prevailed in their country. All Arab nations, which currently suffer from the terrorist acts of this group, can also achieve this if they are united.
Third, the leaders who pledged to serve their nations without their intentions being contaminated with personal greed can do miracles. This is how the Arab world should be, especially the countries which suffered under the republic system where a handful of people dominate everything. These people pushed their countries and compatriots into poverty, as well as political and economical crises. In fact, they ignited the hell of civil war just to remain in power. 
When countries have national administration and sincere leaders like the incumbent in Egypt, they can save themselves from the historical impasse by doing comprehensive development work to eradicate poverty and backwardness. This step will be the last nail on the casket of radicalism which ‘devours’ the youths. Some leaders entered history through the doors of massacre, tribulation and crisis which they caused in their countries. 
In Egypt, history will remember Field Marshal El-Sisi as one of the civilization builders in his country. He will be remembered exactly the way the pyramid builders are remembered; as well as the first and second Alexandria libraries, Suez Canal and the high dam because the man has embarked on an epic project which can be compared to the crossing and liberation of Sinai. If the forerunner of the projects is the new canal which will be a major economic stream, followed by the new city project that was announced recently; this means Egypt has entered the working and building era that will never end.

 By Ahmed Al-Jarallah

Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

By: Ahmed Al-Jarallah

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