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CID nails suspects in two rapes

KUWAIT CITY, Aug 6:  Criminal Evidences Men have closed the file of series of rape cases that happened in Sabah Al-Salem in the last 10 days of Ramadan by nailing suspects in connection with the crimes. A security source said intensive investigations supervised by Criminal Evidence Chief Major General Mahmoud Al-Tabbakh led to arrest of the suspect in the case involving a Filipina who was raped inside a lift and held up in the 12th floor afterward where she was assaulted by the abductor.

The source added the victim had given the description of the accused to security operatives and told the officers he was wearing a red T-shirt, so they understood he was an Egyptian national working at a fast-food joint.

The victim was able to identify him in a parade, and he confessed the crime. Meanwhile, in relation to the incident on the 27th night of Ramadan, the victim was a Sri Lankan maid running away from the house of her sponsor with the help of the driver of a private car. The victim said she was lured by the man to an apartment where he raped and broke her virginity. He is said to have confined the maid inside the flat for a full day before dumping her at the embassy of her country.

Detectives uncovered during investigation that the suspect works as driver for a family in Sabah Al-Salem area, and he took advantage of the absence of his sponsor who had traveled abroad and used his car to perpetrate the crime.

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