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Kuwaiti to pay ex-wife, children, driver, housemaid expenses

KUWAIT CITY, Aug 6: The Personal Affairs Court presided over by Judge Saleh Al-Mukaimi obligated a Kuwaiti citizen to pay his former wife KD 650 as monthly alimony and for the care of his daughters, KD 1,000 for furnishing their accommodation, KD 5,000 for a car, KD 1,000 for maid and driver expenses and KD 200 as legal fees. Attorney Zainab Al-Ramzi insisted that her client should have the custody of her three daughters and that the defendant must pay for the expenditures of bringing up the three daughters, furnishing the accommodation, employing a housemaid and driver and paying their salaries, and the cost of a car. She indicated that each house has a housemaid and a driver according to the Kuwaiti traditions because of which the former husband must provide them and pay their monthly salaries.

‘Drug addict’ acquitted: The Court of Appeals dismissed the verdict issued by the Court of First Instance which sentenced an individual to three and a half years of jail term over alleged drug addiction. The court instead ordered to refer the suspect to the Psychiatric Hospital for treatment. According to the case file, the arresting officer was patrolling Qasr area when he noticed the man driving erratically and ordered him to pull over. At that point, the suspect began to throw away illicit drug ‘Morvin’ and hashish in his possession, which the officer noticed. He arrested the suspect for consuming drugs and driving under the narcotic influence. However, the defense counsel Attorney Abdullah Al-Elanda faulted the procedures followed by the officer in stopping his client due to lack of reasons. He stressed the illegal manner by which the officer searched and arrested his client, insisting that the report which affirmed that his client consumed drugs was null and void because the result of the analysis indicated items that were different from those found on his client.

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