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Punishment soon for Brotherhood

LEWD, liars and murderers ... these have been the truths about the Brotherhood Movement since its establishment. It did not change its habits. It is like the killer who kills his victim and follows the funeral. It has murdered thousands of people all over the Islamic world and followed their funerals in the past decades under several slogans. Today, it caused the murder of 2,000 Palestinians; injuries of nearly 10,000 and displacement of 300,000 people from their houses. It has followed the funerals of victims while trading in the injured and displaced.
The Brotherhood members have impudently escaped from their existence crisis to Gaza on the ‘wing’ of the so-called International Union of Muslim scientists through a statement written down by the ink of atheism which they scatter against each person who disagrees with them while claiming to be the guardians of Muslims and Arabs. The group behaved like its lunatic foster child — Abubakar Al-Baghdadi who proclaimed himself as caliph of the 1.3-billion nation from his den in Mosul.
All Muslims and Arabs have realized that the statement of the Brotherhood on what is happening in the ill-fated Strip was merely an attempt to steal the blood of the people in Gaza. They have realized well that such statements will not bring back the victims nor rebuild the damaged houses. The ridiculous and lamentable fact is that such a statement reminds me of the awkward game which some policemen played when they wanted to take revenge on a citizen they disagreed with. They accused him of insulting the president, government, king, Amir or sheikh. While the policemen were always perceived as credible, the poor citizen was kept in jail and suffered from torture.
Today, the group is taking the same step in dealing with anyone who disagrees with it; up to the extent of calling the latter an atheist and accusing him of insulting the Divine Entity, religion or the Prophet (PBUH). Nevertheless, these accusations are now in the past as people are no longer reproached just because of a word.
Moreover, governments work in accordance with clear laws without succumbing to the whims of a certain political power that is similar to the Brotherhood which wreaked havoc everywhere. Although we are not in an exhibition to present the history of the group, we just have to behold the statement made by those who claim to be ‘scholars of the world’. They expropriate natural rights of people in a political issue while they regard whoever contradicts them or their discussions as unbelievers. We should ask them: Who appointed you as guardians of the Arab and Muslim worlds?
Are the people in Gaza your slaves to determine their fate according to your desires and interests?
Are you not the reason why the Gaza Strip has been placed under restriction for the past seven years? You are the ones who prolong the suffering of the people in Gaza by pushing your creation — ‘Hamas’ — to take control under the guise of resistance but they did not provide shelter, medicine and food for the residents. 
Were you not the ones who authorized the Mohammad Morsi campaign to destroy tunnels and his initiative for ceasefire in 2012, which deprived Gaza residents the least opportunity for self-protection. How can you come back today condemning the new Egyptian initiative to protect blood of the people in Gaza, restore self-protection and lift the restriction imposed on them?
You are professional impostors but your imposition seems to be backfiring on you. You cannot steal the blood of the people in Gaza who have realized, while inside the oven where they live, who are the real people with genuine intention to rescue them from the killing and those who are stealing their blood for political project investments. Definitely, the judgment day is just around the corner. By then, the residents of Gaza and all Palestinians will make a blunt statement against you and others who trade in their tragedy.
By Ahmed Al-Jarallah
Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

By: Ahmed Al-Jarallah

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