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‘Danger’ lurks round the corner ‘It’s not all hunky-dory in ME’

The recent speech delivered by HH the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques has shaken the conscience of the Middle East. Some are saying the speech restores confidence in Arab nations, while others see it as ‘plea of innocence’ before a crowd of Muslims and a sign to surrender to a small group emanating from the crowd.
For my part, the speech was not just a normal political speech, instead, I see it as a deep loud call to every soul in the Arab Muslim world and a wake up call from the sectarian coma in our veins that will wipe us out someday and contaminate the sanctity of our righteous religion, Islam. Despite the speech seems overdue; I thank Allah the Almighty that the speech, in my viewpoint, has come at a suitable time. HH the Custodian of the two Holy Mosques has proved that Saudi Arabia is the mother of all Arabs and Muslims, and it knows when to talk and when to just observe to protect its people from sudden threats.
The one seated on the throne of the kingdom is the one holding the safety pin. Every time we look deep into the concepts highlighted in the speech, we observe looming desperation in the faces of those who are joyously dancing on the corpses of others in the pretext of guarding the religion while in reality they are a handful of political fraudsters and doctrinal elements that dishonor the sanctity of the great religion of Islam.
HH the King spoke as a person who is sincere to his religion, and according to his political perspective, he sees real threat that goes beyond storming into the region. He observes ‘danger’ has infiltrated the region in an outrageous manner. Based on the methodology of a Sage leader standing before his people, the King told us in plain language that our Middle East situation is degenerating in coal darkness.
The King didn’t use the language of a ruler who commands or gives orders, neither was his speech similar to those of some leaders in the region whom we are used to. These ones claim that everything is alright, while the speech of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques frankly indicated we are not alright. The repetition of the phrase ‘’O Allah, I have delivered (the message) be my witness’’ at the end of his speech is clear indication that Middle East is really not alright.
I extend appreciation and gratitude to HH the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz Al- Saud for his dedication and sense of humanity. Thank you for your political awareness that extends to all corners of the world, which is noticeable in the Asian country known as Saudi Arabia. 
By Intisaar Al-Ma’tooq

By: Intisaar Al-Ma’tooq

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