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Activate penal code that forbids act of defaming religious symbols

 KUWAIT CITY, Aug 5: MP Abdul- Rahman Al-Jeeran has called for activation of the Penal Code which criminalizes the act of maligning God, as well as the prophets and companions of Prophet Mohammad (may Allah be pleased with them), through the use of offensive words, ridicule, defamation or any other means stipulated in Article 111 of law number 16/1960. He also stressed the need to apply Audio-Visual Media Law number 61/2007 and National Unity Protection Law number 19/2012 to address the issue.

He denounced the posts on a social networking site under the name of Faisal Bahman as they were deemed offensive to the companions of the Prophet (may Allah be pleased with them). He asserted the act is an insult to the religious and an attempt to undermine the principles of the society.

He said Bahman mentioned in his posts that the legitimate leadership of Al- Sabah family is not recognized and this contradicts what the people of Kuwait have agreed upon for more than three centuries. He warned such views may instigate sedition and chaos, similar to what happened in Iraq, Syria and Lebanon. He added, “We do not need this in Kuwait — a country with a constitution, laws and fundamental social rights.”

He explained the doctrine of the Sunnis is clear as manifested in what the Islamic scholars said about the companions of the Prophet (may Allah be pleased with them). These scholars asserted, “We love the Prophet’s companions (may Allah be pleased with them). We do not exaggerate in loving one of them nor repudiate them.

We hate those who hate them and mention them without goodness. We do not mention them except in goodness. Their love is associated with religion, faith and charity; and their hatred is tantamount to disbelief hypocrisy and tyranny.” Al-Jeeran then urged the interior minister to take the necessary action against Bahman and asked the information minister to strictly apply the law.

Meanwhile, MP Rakan Al- Nisf has forwarded questions to Minister of Oil and State Minister for National Assembly Affairs Ali Al- Omair on the distribution of farms by the Public Authority for Agricultural Affairs and Fish Resources (PAAAFR) as per the advertisement published in daily newspapers from Dec 22-31, 2013. He said the PAAAFR announced, at the time, the implementation of a food security project in Wafra Agricultural Area to be known as ‘all-inclusive farm’; in addition to specifying the conditions for citizens to participate in the draw lots for the distribution of farms during the aforementioned period. He requested for details like the number of companies that met the conditions, their names, those who won in the draw lots even if they failed to meet the conditions within the specified period, their names and partners. He also inquired about the legal basis of the authority in facilitating procedures for those who did not meet the requirements to participate in the distribution draw lots, action taken by the minister to be fair to those who met the conditions, and if there is a plan to cancel the draw and reorganize it to include only the qualified companies.

By: Abubakar A. Ibrahim and Ahmad Al-Naqeeb Arab Times Staff

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