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A gang of four Arab expats were arrested for selling fake health certificates
Egyptian gang of 4 held for issuing fake health docus

 KUWAIT CITY, Aug 5: A gang of four Egyptians with an officer working at the Kuwait Municipality was arrested for issuing fake health certificates to workers in the restaurants, hotels and food companies in return for sums ranging from KD 800 to KD 1000, without making them undergo medical tests stipulated by the Ministry of Health.

Under the guidance of the Deputy Premier, Interior Minister Sheikh Mohammad Al-Khalid and Assistant Undersecretary for Citizenship and Passport Affairs Major General Mazen Al-Jarrah, security operatives affiliated to the General Immigration Department nailed the gang after a tip-off they received about some individuals who were forging official documents and a Kuwait Municipality officer exploiting his job to steal stamps to forge health certificates, which the gang sold to workers in restaurants, hotels and other food companies.

The suspects were placed under surveillance until the report was confirmed. In the meantime, security operatives secured warrant from the Public Prosecution and arrested the first member of the Egyptian gang who works in a food company and he admitted selling forged health certificates to workers for KD 800-KD 1000.

He also confessed keeping several used stamps. Later, he led security operatives to the place where the health certificates were forged in Farwaniya governorate. Security sources said detectives set a trap for the rest of the gang by making them an offer to issue six health certificates, leading to the nailing of the second and third suspects in possession of State seals belonging to Capital Municipality plus used stamps and fake health certificates.

The suspects confirmed an officer working in the Municipality filled the details while they stamped and sealed the certificates by themselves. Initial investigation pointed to a Kuwaiti citizen working in the Municipality who purportedly sells used stamps for issuing health certificates. Intensive investigation is ongoing to obtain official documents inside management to hold the Municipality officer. All suspects have since been referred to the concerned authority.

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