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‘Enforce health insurance for all’ Hospitals must share Adan load

The adage ‘bulk production and bad distribution’ is rhetorical and significant indeed, as it goes with the mechanism adopted by Ministry of Health in its healthcare delivery at Ahmadi and Mubarak Al-Kabeer governorates. Adan Hospital carries the burdens of the two governorates all by itself, so it is forced to put in extra efforts, which ultimately take a heavy toll on the quality of service provided by this important medical sector. In the end, the hospital stretches itself beyond functional capability because of enormous amount of work that exceeds the hospital’s capacity, resulting in poor medical services and maintenance activities — although the medical crew exerts tremendous effort in their duty.
Al-Adan hospital needs support; notwithstanding the initial step taken by the hospital in sharing its burdens with KOC Hospital and Sheikh Jaber Armed Forces Hospital, as part of its immediate solution to the problem. It is not an impossible solution given that all hospitals are affiliated to the same government. Why not form a body for medical care? KOC Hospital receives less than its capacity, so I wonder why it isn’t supporting Adan Hospital. What is the essence of its existence when a patient is dismally received? This may not be applicable to Armed Forces Hospital though. 
It is important to form a specialized committee to share burdens among the three hospitals to guarantee minimal medical errors while diagnosing and treating patients. Also, it is pertinent to set an integrated plan for quick execution. After all, it will not be difficult to carry out the plan, as it only requires decision and proper execution.  The Armed Forces Hospital for instance serves the residents of Dhahiya Sabah Al-Salem and Qurain areas while Adan Hospital covers New Egaila, Jaber Al-Ali, Dhaher, Riqqa, Hadiya, Abu Halifa and Fintas, and Kuwait Oil Company Hospital takes care of Sabahiya, Fahaheel and other southern areas. With such a plan, every hospital will be able to perform at a reasonable capacity for the benefit of everybody, including doctors and patients.
Regulated arrangement will help accomplish qualitative medical care. In view of the fact that the hospitals are all for the public, there is no problem in taking decisions of which patients will be the major beneficiaries.  In short, citizens should be allowed to seek medical treatment in all public hospitals, whether the hospital belongs to a company or the military to help reduce pressure on Adan Hospital. This is only a conditional solution to assist a large number of patients patronizing Adan Hospital, and not a final solution. The final solution is to put into service the health insurance for all citizens.
By Yousef Awadh Al-Azmi

By: Yousef Awadh Al-Azmi

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