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Care home, three expelled girls trade accusations ‘It has become a police station’

 KUWAIT CITY, Aug 4: After the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor expelled three young women from the Social Care House they accused the facility of abandoning them to their fate, reports Al-Rai daily. The expelled women said the Ministry of Social Affairs had adopted them since their childhood and has made great strides in bringing them up before issuing a cruel decision to expel them because their fathers are unknown. The three women said the house is transformed into a police station because of the presence of female police officers, surrogate mother, cameras and fingerprint identification labels and restricting their movement outside the house in addition to limiting their visits by friends and other conditions.

One of the women said “The ministry has put a lot of pressure on us to force us to get out of the house, initially by depriving us of pocket money, Eid gifts and clothing, in addition to not paying our university fees.

The woman added the idea of expulsion began when one of the women travelled without informing the administration as soon as she was 21 years old, so she was expelled. “The administration fabricated a charge against us and we have been also expelled under the pretext of false accusations of damaging surveillance cameras,” they said.

One of them said, “The ministry has allocated us KD 559 monthly salary in addition to promises of rent allowance and furniture allowance and food allowance, we heard all this, but we have not seen anything in reality. However, the Minister of Social Affairs and Labor, Minister of State for Planning and Development Hind Al-Sabeeh said the three girls left the house of their own free will simply because they refused to abide by the new rules and regulations of the house such as not permitting them to leave the house after 9:00 pm on ordinary days and 11:00 pm on official holidays. Al-Sabeeh said some of the girls broke the CCTV cameras which are installed at the gates of the facility for their protection.

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