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Palestine, defeat Israel peacefully

BEFORE the Palestinian blood in Gaza dries up, the owners of ‘collar’ facility came out talking to us about victory over Israel.  Where is this victory?  Is it in the death of about 2,000 people; injuries of about 9,000; displacement of tens of thousands across Gaza Strip and destruction of thousands of houses?  Is it about making life difficult for over two million people living in that small coastal region without water, electricity, medicine and food?
For the past 66 years, Israel has been gaining strength and expanding while some Arabs talk about victories even though they have not retrieved even an inch from the contentious territories. They have not prevented massacres or protected any Palestinian village, city or refugee camp.  Where are the victories? They even exchanged hundreds of war prisoners with the corpses of Israeli soldiers as they continue to block our ears with the claim of victory.  
Did Hezbollah, which raises the victory slogan, not exchange hundreds of prisoners in Israeli prisons and South Lebanon militias before initial withdrawal from the occupied Lebanese territories, and even after the withdrawal, with some corpses and worn out soldiers?  Did the Palestinian factions not exchange hundreds of war prisoners with one or two corpses of Israeli soldiers since 1969? Is that tantamount to victory or indignity?  Did it not mean denigrating Arabs and Israelis?  Were the worn-out soldiers, who were received by Hamas, worth the new offensive faced by Gaza Strip to make some of its leaders in Doha come out to address us about victory?     
What we are witnessing is funny in all ramifications, such that the blood trading actors continue to push Israelis towards massacre for them to stand in front of cameras to make trivial comments while the only innocent people pay the price. The situation has reached a stage whereby we begin to doubt whether those traders have hidden alliance with the Israeli authority. The blood traders continue to grow like fungus for the past number of years, claiming to be sole representatives of Palestine and protectors of its interest until the cause became a lost opportunity like we had said repeatedly. Those people did not learn from the Polish, French or even Vietnamese resistance, which were able to overcome invaders under a single leadership. They did not fight under 20 armed factions infiltrated by the spy network. This is evident in the large number of spies arrested and sentenced to death in Gaza Strip alone.
It is unfortunate that Palestinians who sacrificed their lives and future for Arab dialogue policies caused the loss of opportunities. Neither did they accept the decision to divide or pick a consensus leader who could sacrifice to ensure retrieval of the stolen rights. They did not listen to the voice of truth, which some Arab leaders started saying very early in the day. This happened with former Tunisian President Habib Bourguiba in 1965 when he said, “The only solution is to negotiate with Israel on the decision to divide Palestine.” People demonstrated across the Arab countries accusing the man of treachery. Two years later, the Israeli forces occupied Sinai Desert, West Bank, Al-Quds and Golan Heights. 
Former Egyptian President Anwar Al-Sadat fell into the same category when he visited Al-Quds where he snatched peace from Israelis to retrieve the remaining party of the occupied Egyptian territories. Arabs were furious that day, to the extent of moving the Arab League headquarters from Cairo and expelled Egypt. In contrast, what did Arabs gain from the confrontation? Did they not allow Israeli soldiers to invade Lebanon twice until they reached Beirut? 
After thousands of dead and wounded Palestinians, as well as transforming the West Bank into Israeli settlements due to the non-compromising position of those who have been trading in the issue and giving excuses by firing missiles that look like toys at Israel every now and then, leading to the loss of many innocent lives; the Palestinians should now understand that the only way to defeat their enemy is through peace.  It is the beginning of the end and anything short of that is suicidal for the Palestinians.  

By Ahmed Al-Jarallah 

Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

By: Ahmed Al-Jarallah

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