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Missing woman lands in sex lair

KUWAIT CITY, Aug 3: A Kuwaiti woman was arrested by patrolmen for absconding while in the company of a Syrian expatriate in Khaitan area. Apparently, the suspects aroused suspicion of the officers as they were spotted inside a vehicle parked in front of a building in the area late at night and approached them for checking. It was then they discovered the woman was reported missing. While checking their details, the officers discovered the girl’s mother had filed an absconding case against her in Sabah Al-Salem police station several weeks ago. Security sources said the girl started crying when the officers ordered her to step out of the vehicle. She confessed the Syrian man had rented a flat for her in Khaitan area and had sex with her several times. She also said he took her to a flat in Salmiya where three other friends of his also had sex with her. The Syrian gave details of his accused friends to the police after his arrest. Investigation is ongoing to trail the other suspects.

Woman threatened: A Kuwaiti woman resident in Bayan area filed a case against a compatriot she’s having an affair with, accusing him of threatening her with a weapon. The suspect is said to have pulled out a weapon from his vehicle out of anger and pointed it toward the lady and then threatened to kill her, while she was inside the Bayan Cooperative Society with two woman friends.

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