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Arab actress, friend held drunk

KUWAIT CITY, Aug 3:  Hawalli police patrol arrested a female Syrian actor and a Kuwaiti citizen for consuming liquor. The suspects are said to have resisted arrested and damaged the windscreen of the patrol vehicle after insulting the policemen. A security source said the suspects were ordered by the officers to pull over in Shaab area due to erratic manner by which the vehicle was moving. During questioning, the officers discovered the driver was intoxicated and they smelt liquor from his breath, while his companion was found in possession of liquor. In the meantime, they refused to show their identity cards when security operatives requested them and rather started hailing insults on the officers. The suspects were brought out of the vehicle by force and restrained. A case was registered

Bootleggers held: Patrolmen from the Bayan Police Station have arrested two Asians for bootlegging, reports Al-Watan Arabic daily. The suspects were standing beside their and when they saw the police car, they abandoned their car and ran on foot. They were arrested in a police chase. Police have seized from their car 58 bottles of booze ready for sale

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