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Gaza … when will the bazaar end?

GAZA STRIP, which is drowning in the blood of its people, has been converted into a political bazaar for all Palestinian cause traders who are trying to steal it and use it to serve their own interests. The comptroller of this deadly holocaust, which the Strip has been witnessing since about one month ago; feels that once the indicators of surmounting fire, blood and destructions appear in the horizon, the tunnel of the unknown will be opened again as if there are some individuals interested in keeping this humanitarian tragedy as long as their interests are not achieved.
Since the beginning, the Egyptian initiative has been ready in order to settle this ‘inferno’; yet the maneuver and bargain impeded efforts to reach an agreement in this regard.  In addition, many initiatives that did not meet demands of the two conflicting sides were presented.  After that, all of them went back to the Egyptian initiative. Unfortunately, none of those people grasped what Egyptian President Abdulfattah el-Sisi said, “Each day passes without agreeing on the initiative makes the case more complicated”.  It is as if the traders of the cause do not consider the days of murder.  It is as if those who die every day do not belong to this planet, as if they are not human beings who deserve a generous life like those who are bargaining with the blood of children and moving between hotels in Doha and Cairo, disregarding what is happening in the Strip.
Until when will the people in Gaza live in this inferno at a time the bargain fever continues?  Until when will the Palestinian cause remain a case of missed opportunities and market for bargains?  Until when will the Palestinians’ lawyer be a failure as he does not realize that he endeavors to ‘dissolve’ his historical rights? It is now time for the Palestinians to learn lessons from history and be certain that all those who are crying today about what is happening in Gaza are just striving to extend the hell it is going through. 
Palestinians ought to work far from the hands of robbers who are always ready to grab and hijack anything that can be achieved at the end.  Until then, the Palestinians are the ones who will continue counting deaths of their loved ones whose lives have gone to waste.
Haven’t the Palestinians seen how keen the Muslim Brotherhood is in investing in the Gaza crisis?
Haven’t the Palestinians seen how Hassan Nasrallah came out of his dungeon to trade in their blood, while his rockets and the firepower of his fighters continue to burn the Syrians and Iraqis?  Why doesn’t he open the South Lebanon front?  Why he hasn’t pushed the Tehran regime with its revolutionary guards to Palestine to defend Gaza instead of the threatening statements issued by Qasim Suleiman against Israel; statements which we have been hearing for the past three decades until we are bored?  Aren’t these people trading in the issue as if they are vampires living on the blood of the innocent?  
Didn’t the Tehran regime smuggle missiles to Gaza during the rule of Egyptian President Mohammad Morsi? Were these missiles meant to defend the Palestinians or were they used as bargaining chips in the nuclear ‘bazaar’ negotiation?  This is exactly how the Hezbollah force and sectarian militias are in Lebanon and Iraq.  After all that has happened in Gaza Strip, the Palestinians ought to stand in the face of ‘traders’ and tell them: “Enough is enough, no more trading in my blood.” This is the Palestine which has not been given a chance to nurse its wounds through ceasefire.  Here we are, as the ‘vampires’ kidnapped an Israeli soldier; thereby, reigniting the conflict.  In fact, it made the world turn against the Palestinians once again.

By Ahmed Al-Jarallah

Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

By: Ahmed Al-Jarallah

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