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8 youth fight over young lady at Kuwait Airport

KUWAIT CITY, Aug 2:  A quarrel broke out between two groups of eight youths over a young lady at Kuwait International Airport. According to security sources, the youths exchanged blows and kicked one another beside the escalator while bystanders watched the quarrel without intervening. Police eventually dispersed the brawlers. The youths did not sustain any injuries. A case was registered for investigations.

Court acquits 2 juveniles of theft: The Juvenile Court acquitted two Iranian juveniles who were accused of stealing some items from a Kuwaiti woman’s vehicle and intentionally damaging it. According to the case files, the Public Prosecution accused the two Iranian minors of stealing items from the vehicle and causing damages to the vehicle, which cost more than KD 37,500 to repair. The defense counsel Lawyer Zaid Al-Khabbas requested the court to acquit his clients because the Public Prosecution did not provide any substantial evidences against them. He added that the investigating officer of the case did not seek the assistance of a translator while interrogating the two Iranian minors.

Meanwhile, the Court of First Instance acquitted two persons of breaking into a house with intention to commit a crime and deliberately damaging furniture. Case files indicate the Public Prosecution charged the accused with breaking into the house of the plaintiff, causing damages to the door and window. Attorney Mefleh Saud Al- Rasheedi, lawyer for the accused, demanded for the acquittal of his clients due to the absence of incriminating evidence. He also pointed out that the plaintiff said he does not know the suspects who were named only by security officers in charge of the investigation. He added the Criminal Evidence Department’s report did not include technical evidence or fingerprints to identify the suspects, an indication that there was malicious intent in filing the case against his clients.

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