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‘Educational syllabus vital in curbing accidents Move will instill respect for traffic law, driving etiquette in early stages: expert

KUWAIT CITY, Aug 1: Several experts and specialists have asserted the importance of educational syllabus in curbing road accidents in the country, which in the past few years have increased significantly. According to experts, the people in advanced countries abide by traffic law because these countries incorporate in their school curriculum the principles of respecting traffic laws from the early years of education.

As a result, the country nurtures a generation that respects and abides by traffic laws and road discipline in general. Professor of psychological sciences at Kuwait University Dr Khudr Al-Barun sees that having educational syllabus for various stages in this regard will instill respect for traffic law and driving etiquette in the early stages of an individual, and help in bringing up a generation that abide by traffic rules and observe proper driving techniques in future.

According to Sheikh Yahya Ramadan (Muslim preacher), it is important for everyone to follow the same discipline in driving and road usage to help reduce the death toll in road accidents happening in the country. Sheikh Ramadan also pointed out that the school has a vital role to play in reducing traffic crisis in the country, noting the mosques could even assist in spreading traffic awareness among the public and also tackle some negative trends adopted by various road users that intensify the traffic crisis.

In his role, legal advisor of the Kuwait Journalist Association Hamdan Al-Nashman said a set of measures are needed to resolve the traffic situation, among them the expansion, repair and maintenance of all public roads, while depending on the school curriculum to foster the traffic awareness among the upcoming generation

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