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MP slams UN, Arab-Islamic nations’ continued silence on Gaza Al-Hamaad praises labor minister over public benefit associations

KUWAIT CITY, Aug 2: “Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Iran and Egypt can easily stop the massacre in Gaza if they are really serious in taking such a step,” says MP Saleh Ashour. Disclosing he considers the current situation in Gaza a holocaust, Ashour pointed out what is happening in Gaza goes against everything that the United Nations (UN) stands for.

He criticized the continued silence of the organization and Arab-Islamic nations on the issue, indicating they seem content with humanitarian aid calls alone. He claimed these calls are nothing more than formalities, asserting the Arab and Islamic governments have a bigger role than this for they have the capability to “erase the Israeli entity if they desire to do so.” He said that due to the fear of losing what he called “their narrow interests,” nothing is being done; referring to the inaction as “utter submission and humiliation.” He further stated, “They wonder why the people are revolting and demanding change of regimes; it’s simply because the people are not seeing anything other than negligence, hesitance and utter humiliation from these governments.”

Referring to the silent Arab-Islamic governments, the MP said they have humiliated the people with their silence, hoping to see changes for the better in order to reclaim the dignity of the people that has been taken by leaders and governments. In another development, MP Sadoun Al-Hamaad praised Minister of Labor and Social Affairs Hind Al-Sabeeh for dealing with public benefit associations equally and enforcing the rule of law on them.

He pointed out that recently these associations are abandoning its goal of establishment and forming its own party which will be active in the political field for personal gain. He asserted this is a violation of the law considering the activities are not exactly what they have been licensed for in the first place. He also stressed that straying from the licensed activities and forming political parties which go against each other for personal gain are tantamount to encouraging sectarianism within the layers of society. He warned such actions will lead to disorder within the country whose security and stability could be threatened. The MP asked the minister to revoke the licenses of all public benefit associations that violate their licensed activities by using political agendas to cause disorder and threaten the nation’s security and stability, affirming the Parliament will back up the minister in addressing this issue

By: Ahmed Al-Naqeeb Arab Times Staff

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