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‘Govt demands study on law governing collection of arms’ Complaints against not receiving complete subsidized building materials

KUWAIT CITY, Aug 2: “The government has demanded concerned authorities to study the law governing collection of weapons and identify the obstacles that hamper its full and proper implementation, in compliance with the directives issued by HH the Amir to apply more efforts for implementing the law on all”, reliable sources say.

They indicated that the continuous discovery of illegal possession of different types of weapons suggests either existence of flaws in the current law or weakness of the concerned authorities in executing their duties in line with the law. Sources said, “The government supports all proposals submitted regarding the collection of weapons and is working on resolving the flaws in the current law. There is a possibility of launching a media campaign for calming the public’s fear regarding the matter”. They said they hoped the government will receive support from the National Assembly for the implementation of the law especially after some MPs expressed reservations regarding the surprise raids of houses in search of weapons. “The government has vowed to work on closing all loopholes through which some people are able to manipulate the law. It will present proposals on how to deal with those who handover their unlicensed weapons voluntarily as well as those who own or sell unlicensed weapons”, said the sources.

Meanwhile, a member of the Parliament’s Interior and Defense Affairs Committee MP Mohammad Tana revealed that he will coordinate with the committee’s chairman MP Askar Al- Enezi for holding a meeting to discuss the proposals regarding the collection of weapons.

Possession He said, “The increasing phenomenon of illegal possession of weapons in the country is disturbing. It has compelled legislators to study the current situation of border security especially since the matter has reached such an extent that silence over it will not be tolerated any longer”. In addition, MP Jamal Al-Omar said he supports the move to activate the law on collection of weapons, affirming, “The National Assembly has not and will not be an obstacle in any efforts that are exerted to enhance security in all parts of the country. It is imperative for the authorities to expedite the process of pursuing those in possession of illegal and unlicensed weapons and ensure that those who trade in them are behind bars”.

In another developments, MP Dr Abdulhameed Dashti says the MPs have been receiving continuous complaints from citizens about not receiving the complete subsidized consignment of construction materials worth KD 30,000. He lamented that the situation has become ‘intolerable’, urging the concerned minister to take action based on the related law, reports Al-Seyassah daily. In a press statement, Dr Dashti said, “The law states that the citizens will be given support including essential building materials from the national industries in order for them to fully complete the construction of their houses. We therefore urge the government to implement this law”.

He stressed the need to grant citizens with the amount allocated in this regard for achieving equality and justice, adding, “We believe it is the constitutional right of every citizen”. Dr Dashti warned that he will submit a grilling request against Minister of Commerce and Industry Dr Abdulmohsen Al- Mudej if the latter failed to implement the law or ensure the citizens received the subsidized construction materials in full. He vowed to not disregard any rights of the citizens that are guaranteed by the law and the Constitution.

By: Raed Yousef, Ayed Al- Enezi and Nasser Qadeh Al-Seyassah staff

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