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Blessed be the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques

GOD bless you, Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques for the words of wisdom in your speech which has separated the age of suffering from the age of delinquency — the delinquency which has not only destroyed the Arab and Muslim nation in the name of religion but distorted the image of Islam and the message of tolerance, intimacy and brotherhood and grown in the Arab and Muslim nation like a satanic tree. This happened at a time when some countries, unfortunately, threw their weight behind the terrorists, complimented their deeds and provided them with shelter, weapons and money.
To make matters worse a group of ignorant people put themselves at the service of these terrorists to defend them and their deeds. “Buoyed by the gangs of ill-informed followers, they accused everyone who refused to toe their line of atheism and put the tag of ‘delusion’ on the enlightened people who attempted to portray the true image of Islam. Those who opposed them and their thought, they accused them of betrayal, until the entire world got confused of Islam because the terrorists have depicted this sublime religion far from the truth.
We have been suffering from this chronic disease for the past 30 years because some people have deliberately poured cold water on efforts exerted by the enlightened men to correct the distorted image of Islam either due to their selfish interests or greed for power. Custodian of Two Holy Mosques, you placed your hand on the wounds of those who were harmed because the ugliness of the issue had become unbearable. When you took the initiative for dialogue among religions to bring peace among the nations of the world, some individuals shed blood deliberately to prevent rapprochement among civilizations and nations — the same individuals who tried to hold religion hostage and monopolize it under fake names.
You have said in your brief and decisive speech what many countries have hesitated to say. Therefore, today all eyes are on the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia more than at any other time because the country under your leadership has undertaken to correct the image of Islam. In spite of the number of difficulties and obstacles put in your path, the Kingdom with its moderate ideology, its institutions and wise leadership is able to confront this destructive project which is targeting the Muslim nation to demolish its religious cult and hurl it into the pit of backwardness.
Today, the Kingdom through its Islamic intellect and weight at international level can alone correct this defect particularly you, Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, who has initiated the most important and century old dialogue among civilizations. The Kingdom alone is able to build an impregnable dam in front of the terrorist attack which has hit mankind, history and cult. You were the first to warn of the consequences of evil deeds of these groups since 2002 when you declared war against the Brotherhood Movement and those who were born from its womb.
Having said that, late Prince Nayef bin Abdulaziz during his interview with the Al-Seyassah newspaper had said, ‘Members of the Brotherhood Movement are the origin of all ordeals’. It is true you had declared war against this misled group inside the Kingdom. Saudi Arabia has succeeded in making inroads in this domain until the entire world acknowledged. Yet, the issue after the developments which took place in the Arab world over the past few years is not restricted to keep danger away from within but it is necessary for all to fight terrorism on their respective home fronts to prevent the dissidents of this age from throwing us back into the burning inferno just like what the Brotherhood did in Egypt when it dominated the January Revolution and grabbed power.
It is necessary to fight terrorism and not to allow some idiot to establish his caliphate on the mountain of skulls of innocent people as DAESH is doing in Iraq. The need of the hour is for other Arab countries to topple al-Qaeda, the Houthis, Al-Shabab and Hezbollah or any other group in countries such as Yemen, Somalia, Libya and Lebanon. The Kingdom has always been the master of initiatives and historical stands which has astonished the world during hard times. Moreover, the country alone can restore the splendid image of Islam and dust off backwardness and savagery which have covered it with fatwas issued by the illiterate and ignorant people who are blood thirsty, murderers and destroyers.
These people justify by their deeds the massacres which Israel commits in cold blood in Gaza killing children, women and unarmed elderly people; demolishing houses in full view of the world all because the terrorists have distorted the image of Islam and Arabs. The Kingdom has always taken pioneering initiatives particularly during your reign. Therefore, Custodian of The Two Holy Mosques you are able today to put the train back on the right track moving in the right direction to take the Muslim world to its rightful place and not where the terrorists want to take it.

By Ahmed Al-Jarallah

Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

By: Ahmed Al-Jarallah

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