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Court acquits Kuwaiti citizen of swindling compatriot lady Court rectifies post ‘From supervisor to engineer’

KUWAIT CITY, Aug 1: The Cassation Court acquitted a Kuwaiti citizen who was accused of swindling a Kuwaiti woman of KD 40,000. According to the case files, the Public Prosecutor accused the Kuwaiti man of deceiving the plaintiff about investing in a commercial project for him to buy two trucks and share the profits with her. Even though she had provided him with KD 40,000, the project was not implemented. During the court session, Attorney Khalid Al-Suwaifan stressed that the accusation against his client is fake and unreasonable especially since the plaintiff claimed she handed over the money without signing the contract of commercial partnership. He pointed out the lack of evidence against his client in the submitted documents. He explained that since the money was transferred to his client’s bank account, the money is considered as civil debt. He stressed that he will file a petition for his client to obtain compensation over such accusations especially after he was previously acquitted from all charges.

‘From supervisor to engineer’: The Cassation Court presided over by Judge Attiya Matar has ordered the legal representative of Kuwait Oil Company (KOC) to modify the position of an employee from marine maintenance supervisor to marine engineer from August 23, 2008. In detail, attorneys Abdullah Al- Afasi and Yousef Al-Hosaini reported in the petition that their client had joined KOC as a marine maintenance supervisor. He had completed his academic studies as per the company agreement and attained Bachelor degree in Marine Engineering in February 2008. He then equalized his certificate at the Ministry of Higher Education. After he submitted all necessary documents to the company for modification of his position, the administration decided to promote him as a marine engineer in the Marine Service Team in October 2008. However, the decision was not executed. In 2011, the administration reissued the same decision but failed to execute it again. The company later published an advertisement, announcing its need for marine engineers without considering the fact that their client, who was one of the company employees, deserved to occupy the position.


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