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Proposal calls for ‘revoking’ membership of violating MP Legislative panel said performed well

KUWAIT CITY, Aug 1: The Parliament’s Legislative and Legal Affairs Committee, in its next meeting, will discuss a proposal submitted by MPs Saleh Ashour and Khalil Al-Saleh in which they called for revocation of membership of an MP if he/she violates the principles associated with the position and misuses his/her authority. The proposal also recommends adding a fifth section titled ‘Ethics Committee’ to the first chapter of Law 12/1963 regarding the Rules of Procedure of the National Assembly.

The proposal states the following:- ‘The Parliament, through its annual committees, shall form a committee called the ‘Ethics Committee’ which will consist of the heads of the parliament’s permanent committees. The committee shall study the actions of the Members of Parliament that are considered as violation of religious, moral, social or political values, misuse of authority, or abuse of people or institutions.

A Member of Parliament who is suspected of such an act shall be referred to the Ethics Committee with a statement of the related incident included in the decision issued by a committee consisting of the Parliament speaker, his deputy, the secretary and the observer. Following investigations, the committee may decide to either refrain from issuing a decision on the matter or impose one of the following actions on the MP — Issue a warning or hold the MP accountable or suspend the MP from working in the parliament or its committees for a period of about two months. The committee may also decide to refer the matter back to the Parliament for considering the revocation of the MP’s membership.

An MP may appeal the committee’s decision by submitting it to the National Assembly Speaker within seven days from the date of penalty notification. The board may then decide to either dismiss the complaint or mitigate the penalty or refrain from taking a decision.’ Meanwhile, Chairman of the Legislative and Legal Affairs Committee MP Mubarak Al-Hurais revealed that the committee had performed well in the last phase and succeeded in providing the most important laws required by the country such as the laws related to the Ministers Court, the right of individuals to refer to the Constitutional Court and amendment of the Administrative Court. He stressed that the committee managed to achieve what the previous legislative committees had failed to accomplish. He said the committee will continue working during the Parliament’s summer break, revealing that it is currently studying a very important bill related to the independence of the judiciary.

He stressed that the law is a sensitive and a long-awaited one because of which it has to be handled in the best possible manner so that it reflects positively on the judiciary in all levels. MP Al-Hurais stressed the need for the government to correct its path in the coming phase and fill the shortages noted in the ministries of Education, Justice, and Awqaf and Islamic Affairs, calling for a Cabinet reshuffle especially since it was strongly recommended after the byelections but was postponed due to the summer break.

He insisted that the country needs a strong government, adding, “We as MPs are confident that HH the Prime Minister Sheikh Jaber Al-Mubarak Al-Sabah will choose competent ministers with necessary political expertise to lead the next phase and cooperate with the parliament to complete the course of achievement initiated by the two authorities in the last legislative term”.

By: Abubakar A. Ibrahim Arab Times Staff

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