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‘Guarantee freedom of religion by allowing more places of worship’ Allow Kuwaiti hospitals to admit injured Palestinians: MP

KUWAIT CITY, July 31: “Kuwait is still far from religious and sectarian tolerance due to the mentality of some officials who follow ‘fatwas’ which are not in line with Islam and the principle of tolerance,” says MP Saleh Ashour.

Ashour made the statement recently when he commented on the US State Department’s report on freedom of religion and worship in Kuwait. He pointed out that such ‘fatwas’ usually regard other Muslims as infidels while dividing Muslims and non-Muslims.

He urged the State, which is represented by the government, to guarantee freedom of religion by allowing the construction of places of worship as per the need of both Muslims and non- Muslims like those in America, Europe, Canada and other countries. He stressed, “Enough is enough of putting Kuwait in an embarrassing situation. Restrictions should be lifted so the people can practice their beliefs away from the scrutinizing eyes of the State.” On the Shiite mosques, Ashour emphasized the need for more Shiite mosques, especially in new areas where there is restriction in issuing licenses for the construction of mosques.

He vowed to closely follow up the issue in the next legislative round, up to the extent of holding responsible those behind the restrictions. On another issue, MP Adnan Abdulsamad has asked the government to take advantage of its good relationship with its Egyptian counterpart to push for the opening of border crossings to send humanitarian aid to Gaza and allow Kuwaiti hospitals to admit the injured Palestinians. “This is the least that Kuwait can do for Palestinians who are currently suffering due to the atrocious acts of the Israeli Army,” he asserted.

Meanwhile, MP Abdullah Al-Adwani said the government must strictly enforce the National Unity Law on those who undermine and mock people who abide by the law and religious teachings. He hopes the government will refer these troublemakers to the court, indicating the law is clear and it should be applied on everyone. In another development, MP Abdulhamid Dashti has unveiled his plan to grill the minister of commerce and industry on the delayed implementation of the Housing Loan Increment Law approved by the Parliament.

He disclosed a number of citizens are complaining that they have not received the KD30,000 building materials subsidy. He wants to know if the minister intends to take the necessary steps to implement the law, adding that the citizens voted for the MPs to represent them in the political field, defend their rights and ensure a comfortable life for them. He promised to closely monitor the issue to protect the interests of citizens. Furthermore, MP Saleh Ashour has underscored the need to stop the random appointment of governmental officials.

He said the government is convinced that this issue should no longer be ignored, for government employees who deserve these positions are being wronged and maltreated. He called for continuous cooperation between the government and parliament through the Human Resources Committee which should quickly prepare the final report on the Strategic Replacement Bill.

He explained the bill will put an end to chaos and inequality in governmental employment procedures by laying down regulations under supervision of the Civil Service Commission (CSC).

By: Abubakar A. Ibrahim and Ahmed Al-Naqeeb Arab Times Staff

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