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Al-Kharafi meeting with the Waqf Al-Omma delegation.
INHM inaugurates 12th annual Al-Quds Conference Al-Kharafi calls for Islamic support of Jerusalem

KUWAIT CITY, July 26, (Agencies): Secretary General of the General Secretariat of Awqaf Abdulmohsen Al-Kharafi said that the Islamic nation must cooperate in supporting the Jerusalem cause and the Al-Aqsa Mosque issue. Al-Kharafi’s statement came after his meeting with Waqf Al-Omma (nation waqf) delegation which serves the Jerusalem and Aqsa Mosque issue, headed by Mohammad Al-Omari on Saturday.

Al-Kharafi noted that the General Secretariat of Awqaf works on bringing awareness toward the waqf, run its financial and investment matters in accordance with the Secretariat’s legal terms. Al-Omari on his part noted that the waqf supports the Jerusalem case through several programs and projects including education centers, reconstruction, attracting visitors to the area, housing, infrastructure of the mosque and social services. The waqf works on allowing big numbers of prayer-goers and Islamic education seekers to reach the mosque, by providing them with buses to easily reach their destination, thus safeguarding the Islamic identity of the mosque. 

Meanwhile, the Islamic National Harmony Movement has inaugurated the 12th Annual Al-Quds Conference with the theme, “Al-Quds is a Single Objective with Multiple Roles”, under the patronage of a lecturer from Hawzat Al-Nourein in Kuwait - Sheikh Ali Al-Jaddi, reports Al-Seyassah daily quoting moderator of the conference and member of the movement’s political office Mohammad Al-Muhaimed.
Al-Muhaimed disclosed the office organizes the conference every year in response to the call to address issues related to Al-Quds and Palestine.  He explained the conference is aimed at encouraging people to provide assistance to the victims of crises in the Arab and Muslim worlds.
During the conference, Sheikh Al-Jaddi delivered a lecture on human beings and corruption.  He pointed out Allah, the Almighty, created human beings to direct affairs on Earth with love, peace and security in order to guarantee eternal bliss.  He said human beings have digressed from the right path due to selfish interests and struggle to actualize senseless wishes, asserting this digression is considered corruption.  

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