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Kuwait among the top nations in terms of freedom of choice ‘Kuwait registers 8 out of 10 points among 60 countries’

KUWAIT CITY, July 26: Kuwait excelled among the nations in North and South America and Arab world in terms of freedom of choice and taking control of their life in a study conducted by World Values Survey- an international organization established thirty years ago to explore freedom of belief and choices, noting Kuwait registered 8 points out of 10 among some 60 countries, reports Al-Qabas daily. The level of freedom of choice and manner of controlling lifestyle was identified through a questionnaire in which various categories of people participated. As to the order of the Arab countries, Kuwait excelled over Qatar which registered 7.9 points in the survey, followed by Libya with 7.3 points, and then Jordan that registered 7.3 and 7 points by Lebanon followed by Algeria with 6.7 and then 6.6 points by Tunisia, while Iraq scored 6.5, Yemen 6.4, Egypt scoring 6.4 and finally Morocco with 6.2 points.


With reference to the opinion of Kuwaitis on the procedures the government implements to control corruption and if these procedures are enough, 28.2 percent of the 1,303 respondents said measures the government has adopted in this domain is enough, whereas 42.8 percent said the government is trying but it can do more, and 23.1percent observed the government was not doing enough. Furthermore, 22.9 percent expressed complete satisfaction in their life and 2.8 percent said they were not satisfied. Also, 33.8 percent of the participants perceived entertainment time as very important and 35.7 regarded the period as important and 6.3 percent supposed it wasn’t relevant. Uruguay, New Zealand, Uzbekistan, Ecuador, Qatar, Romania, Slovenia, Colombia and Mexico are among the countries whose citizens feel they have free and total control of their life more than other nations.
In the same context, British Tourism Authority which is known as ‘Visit Britain’ mentioned in a recent report that tourists coming from the Middle East are among the highest level shoppers who spend money during their visit to Britain, while the Chinese visitors are the most difficult to satisfy. The survey showed that tourists coming from Kuwait, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Oman and Qatar top the list of nationals who spend generously while shopping for clothes, shoes, perfumes and cosmetics. Data indicated that Kuwaiti visitors spend €4000 in markets and Qatari nationals spend €3000, while French visitors spend 343 pounds sterling. Figures indicated that Kuwaitis topped the list of visitors that purchased clothes and shoes by 79 percent and Nigerians occupied the second place by 72 percent, followed by Saudi Arabians with 71 percent.

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