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Kuwait bans import of horses, cattle from Texas Break-out of Vesicular Stomatitis virus

KUWAIT CITY, July 26, (KUNA): The State of Kuwait has barred imports of horses and cattle from Texas, the United States, due to reports about break-out of Vesicular Stomatitis. Nabila Ali Alkhalil, Chairperson and Director General of the Public Authority for Agricultural Affairs and Fisheries, has issued a decision in this respect, on basis of reports by the World Organization for Animal Health (OIE) that confirmed spread of the virus among horses in Texas.

She confirmed that other imported animals, namely birds, continue to be examined by the authority as a standing procedure ahead of being allowed into the local market. Samples found infected with viruses are sent back to the origin of their dispatch at the authority’s expense.

The vesicular stomatitis is an acute virus disease especially of various domesticated animals (as horses and cows) that resembles foot-and-mouth disease. It causes blisters and sores in the mouth and on the tongue, muzzle, teats, or hooves of horses, cattle, swine, sheep, goats, llamas and a number of other animals. 

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