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This is what we are used to, Sisi

EGYPT has started playing its role again as an ‘engine’ of moderation, tolerance and decisiveness; not only in confronting radicals who accuse others of being atheist and push Islam towards an inappropriate direction, but also as a pioneer in the Arab developmental renaissance.  The nation took this step, as a habit throughout its history, before it experiences a series of relapses that would have put it into the hole of failure countries in the last few years.
The truth became clear in the stances of the ‘big man’ of Egypt — Field Marshal Abdulfattah El-Sisi.  In his two speeches recently, we saw in him the true Egyptian character built on the culture of frankness and transparency, as well as the duty which the nation has to perform to achieve national goals.  We saw the culture of the best people reflecting on majority of the Egyptians.
El-Sisi did not use slogans, which his country can no longer tolerate, in his speeches.  He used a simple language understood by 92 million Egyptians.  He did not use rhetoric and deceptive language of Brotherhood members whose vocabulary include mine, time bomb, and diminishing of national dignity and sovereignty — the language of one who kills his victims and attend their funeral. We heard the language which Egypt has been famous for since thousands of years ago.  It is not the language of murder, slaughter, shedding of blood in vain, and accusing people of being atheists.  It is a language that emerged in a civilization whose lifespan is over 7,000 years and still considered the ‘minaret’ of civilizations in this world.
The Brotherhood members did not only steal the revolution, they also stole culture and history.  They diligently sought to remove ‘Mother of World’ — Egypt — from the map. This is in line with a testimony from the highest of part of the political pyramid of their first ally — the United States of America.  Former Secretary of State Hilary Clinton said in her memoirs that she sought to get the support of 120 countries to establish a small State for the Islamic groups in the desert of Sinai.  If the old adage says, “A word is sufficient to the wise”, the Egyptian popular wisdom was evident at the time.  Millions of Egyptians hurried to the squares and streets, in what is now known as the ‘June 30 Revolution’, to topple the Brotherhood regime which was keen on dividing Egypt, such that the small State of Islamic groups will not be alone if its project succeeded.  It was the beginning for other small states.  Therefore, we do not exaggerate when we say that Egypt has been rescued from a disaster.
What was meant for Egypt was not limited to its borders only; that was just the first phase of a wider plan to shatter the Arab world, and the GCC region wasn’t exempted.  It is the devilish project that was stopped by Egypt’s uprising which was safeguarded by the best soldiers of the land.  This is why Field Marshal Abdulfattah El-Sisi gained landslide support which no other Egyptian figure has ever received.  This is due to the fact that the military led by El-Sisi sided with the people.  This is how it is supposed to be in order to shatter the project of ‘shredding’ the nation.
Since Egypt needs to be told the truth, El-Sisi delivered two speeches recently without any delusion or periphrasis, in which he highlighted the moderate and tolerant Islam which is innocent and far from the terrorist groups that hide behind the true religion.  He also called on the Egyptians to take their historic responsibilities and they should not be weakened by any obstacles, because their historic and civilized accomplishments in the past centuries were able to eliminate any kind of obstacle. El-Sisi did not target a specific layer of the community.  He used a language that every Egyptian — whether young or old, educated or illiterate — understands, as he reiterated the steps that the nation should follow in order for Egypt to prosper.
Since the people of Egypt chose El-Sisi to be their leader in these tough times, he has proven that he is not working for the sake of his personal interest or greed.  He is rather working for the sake of his people and striving towards a better future for Egypt.  As long as Egypt is in good condition, the rest of the Arab world will be the same. Blessed be Egypt and its people, blessed be Egypt’s leader Abdulfattah El-Sisi and his pure cultivation which reflects the essence of the land of the pharaohs.

By Ahmed Al-Jarallah

Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

By: Ahmed Al-Jarallah

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