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Co-ops, markets hike prices of vegetables ‘Authorities need to activate surveillance’

KUWAIT CITY, July 25: The cooperative societies and related markets have increased the prices of vegetables since the beginning of the holy month of Ramadan as people buy items for breakfast ‘souhour’, reports Al-Qabas daily.

A team from the newspaper toured several cooperative societies and equivalent markets and interviewed a number of consumers who expressed resentment on the recent hike in prices of vegetables which attained about 30 percent increase, and as a result, consumers are unable to purchase all their needs. They demanded the concerned authorities to activate surveillance on the prices to guard against manipulation.

In their tour of Hawalli governorate, the team observed not as much of local products while imported products filled the shelves and refrigerators of the markets in their quantities, noting a medium pack of potatoes is sold for KD1.5 and wooden box of tomatoes KD 1.600, while 5 kilos of Lebanese apple is worth KD2 and five kilos of Lebanese orange KD 1.700.






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