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Financial loss

I am employed by a leading bank in Kuwait.

I applied for my annual leave in March 2014 for travel from July 17 to Aug 20, 2014.

My leave was approved by my manager in March 2014.

One of the staff members is resigning from his job now and because of that my manager wants to cancel my annual leave. Although the colleague who is resigning from the job has different job responsibilities than me.

I have already planned my holiday with my family. I have purchased flight tickets, hotel accommodation etc.

I want to know is my manager legally allowed to cancel my leave even though it was approved 3 months ago?

Am I eligible to take my employer to court if my leave is cancelled and if I incur a financial loss due to cancellation of my tickets etc.

Name withheld

Answer: First of all the company has the right to cancel your leave and readjust it according to its requirement.

Having said that, the company has no right to cause you any financial loss for no fault of yours. In such a case the company must compensate you for the loss that you will suffer. You should draw the attention of your manager to this fact and if he is not willing to listen take your case to the senior officials of the bank.

If the bank is not willing to compensate you, you take the case to court as the loss is being caused to you due to some action by the bank. It had already given you permission to leave but by its action it has caused you a great loss. So you have a right to be compensated.

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