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A clip from the British Airways film
British Airways feature film to show Kuwait through int’l eyes Ministry to produce similar works in the future

KUWAIT, July 24, (KUNA): The past, present and future of Kuwait will be emphasised in a high quality feature film shown to millions of British Airways passengers around the globe. From pearl diving and diwaniya hospitality to multi-million dollar businesses and young instagram entrepreneurs - these are just some of the characteristics of the Arab Gulf nation that are featured in this film, due to be shown in August on board more than 3,000 flights around the world. “Go on a journey through this unique country, steeped in history, driven by innovation and made strong by tradition,” says the narrator of the informative 40-minute long series of four parts, entitled “Kuwait: Through Our Eyes”.

The work was carried out thanks to the combined efforts of content-driven audiovisual providing company QCPTV, contracted by BA, and the Kuwait Ministry of Information’s External Media Department. The ministry’s media office said that it was proud at the country being the first in the Middle East to be featured in one of only 20 such international works. “Produced in Full HD, it reflects an enlightening image of Kuwait and its legacy, and it is a bonus that the film will be featured on board the airline during peak summer months,” said a ministry statement.

In addition to its worldwide appeal, the statement also hailed the contribution of the work on the local scale. “We all know that Kuwait is a beautiful nation, but we have not reflected this image through hi-tech capabilities.” The film also does not carry any cost burden whatsoever on the ministry as it was co-funded by local sponsors, with the ministry’s only contribution through facilitating information and contacts for the production crew. The External Media Department saw the potential of the film and its positive implications for the country, and that was the driving force behind its approval.
The ministry has plans to produce similar works in the future, aimed at identifying its regional and international accomplishments also in Full HD capabilities. The filming of the programme started in late April, with its first draft out in June, according to QCPTV executive director Lawrence Ireton, who oversaw the project from start to finish. “When we arrived in Kuwait in March our initial idea was to create just a 10 minute programme, however due to the overwhelming appeal and demand for our work we have agreed to create a prolonged and sustained campaign on the country through the creation of a TV series.” The topics covered in the first episode are the history and culture of Kuwait, its infrastructure development, the youth and healthcare, with topics such as the economy and social aspects covered in the rest.
Kuwait was chosen as an ideal destination for one of BA’s customised programmes due to its position as “an advanced modern Arab democracy, that has a number of unique features, like the diwaniya,” he said.
The diwaniya is a meeting place, where men of all ages get together to discuss affairs that affect their lives, like politics, the economy or the everyday goings on in the neighbourhood, and Ireton views this as one of the signs of the democratic rights the people of Kuwait enjoy. “The aim of the film is to exemplify Kuwait through an international perspective and to enlighten the people of the world as to what Kuwait really looks like,” he added.
During shooting, he spoke of aspects of Kuwait, he was impressed by, which are featured in the film, like the youth initiative, Injaz, which aims to encourage and support young Kuwaiti entrepreneurs.
Others are the Dasman Diabetes Institute, which aims to prevent, control and mitigate the impact of diabetes and related conditions in Kuwait through effective programmes of research, training, education, and health promotion.
The first episode will be featured on BA’s in-flight entertainment screens for the entire month of August, immediately after the Eid Al-Fitr holidays, with a link to the programme found on the opening page.
On a final note, Ireton explained how the film could have further positive implications, saying “technology is a major driving force behind global integration, and nowhere is this more apparent than in Kuwait, with some businesses running solely through Instagram for example.
“With this breed of techno savvy global citizens comes a need for 21st century informative campaigns, and nothing, at the moment, is better than audio visual technology, because it is the most illustrative medium and can be transported instantly around the world.

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