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Plan to provide conducive atmosphere for business ‘Infrastructure to be ready soon’

KUWAIT CITY, July 23, (KUNA): Chairman of the national fund for the care and development of small and medium enterprises, Dr Mohammad Al-Zuhair said Wednesday that work with other relevant agencies was progressing to complete the infrastructure of the fund. Al-Zuhair said in a press statement that the Fund will be ready to receive the initiators of entrepreneurs immediately upon completion of the establishment of the infrastructure. He explained that the fund was awaiting the adoption of the organizational structure and salary scale by the Civil Service Commission to be able to recruit in stages according to the needs of the Fund.

He said that the Fund’s Board intends to finish soon the adoption of the final draft of the Fund’s strategy and plan of action after making some important changes to the initial drafts to be more realistic and practical. Al-Zuhair pointed out that the strategy identified the Fund’s vision to build a comprehensive, cooperative and innovative business environment for entrepreneurs and business owners to be a fundamental base for achieving more economic and productive opportunities for Kuwaiti youth.

Asked about the Fund’s programs and services, Al-Zuhair said they were designed according to the highest international standards that required considerable time and effort, including the creation of incubators for entrepreneurs (directly by the Fund or through supporting institutions).
He added that other programs also include the design and operation of support centers for different sectors and the provision of funding programs with financial institutions and finally the processing of the reception hall and provision of necessary information for entrepreneurs and business owners.

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