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Ali Ahmed Al-Baghli
Pro-DAESH ... mimic the Lebanese

LAST WEEK, many nations and we saw a video footage on a social networking website of a three-year-old boy with curly hair beating a six-year-old with a stick. This video touched the hearts of many of those who saw it, but the Lebanese interacted more than anybody else, because it was Lebanese make. The video shows the younger child beating the elder one and in the background the voices encourage the toddler. This is a crime not only against children but the entire human race.
I said the video touched the hearts of thousands not because this was the most horrible scenario. We have seen worse — horrible and scary pictures. The daily beheadings and slaughtering of people with swords, bombs exploding, booby-trapped cars and suicide bombers killing innocent people and children gunned down in cold blood on beaches. Add to this the hundreds of unprecedented heinous pictures in history.
The difference here lies in the fact that these heinous crimes were committed by adults against adults or children not crimes committed by children against children — children provoked by adults. Lebanon is hurt largely due to the carelessness of its politicians and selfish or superficial love for their country — the country which has neither a president nor a Parliament, is an example to many countries which live on such basic factors, nonetheless, thanks to the awareness of the Lebanese and cautious public opinion.
Beirut has therefore initiated campaigns to apprehend the masterminds of the video who have pitted children against children. The video promotes sectarianism and escalation of tensions which Lebanon does not need because the toddler seen with the stick is called ‘Abbas’ and the other seemingly a Syrian refugee living with his family in Lebanon — one of more than a million who have sought shelter in the neighboring country.
The Lebanese security authorities succeeded in arresting the family of ‘Abbas’ and his uncle and handed them over to the judiciary for committing such an unprecedented crime. We call it unprecedented because it is the adults who have provoked children against children. We see such provocations everywhere, inside our homes and everywhere all over the world umpteen times but it is ‘unprecedented’ to document and broadcast it as a resource of pride.
Let’s go back to the ‘DAESH’ supporters in ‘our home’ who have paid homage to the Mossad agent and their Caliph the so-called ‘Abubakar Al-Baghdadi’. Many of these supporters have closed eyes to the brutal practices of this apostate and his deviated ideology against mankind. We have watched with heavy hearts the followers of this group killing unarmed innocent people and their captives in cold blood. We saw how they behead people and pelt stones and lash those accused of committing adultery. We saw them playing soccer with the skulls of their victims. We saw their terrible crimes which cannot match the Nazi onslaught or the massacres of Hutus in Central Africa.
One of the horrible crimes committed by pro-DAESH was a threat to kill Christians in Mosul if they refuse to embrace Islam. These Christians were warned to leave behind their money and moveable property including cars, if not it would be stolen from them. If DAESH was not proud of its brutality by videotaping and broadcasting the crimes committed by the group to terrify its enemies, we would raise doubt about the issue but confession is the master of all evidences. DAESH has admitted to committing all sorts of horrible crimes and to testify its brutality, has made available videotaped evidence.
Why did the pro-DAESH ‘insiders’ whose ugly faces support members of this misled group not condemn at least one day the crimes committed by DAESH although they have glorified the step of establishing an Islamic state? We ask them one question that will shut their mouths for good: Did our Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) the Master of Humanity commit even one millionth of the horrible crimes when he established his first Islamic state although he is our example when we establish the Islamic state?
By Ali Ahmed Al-Baghli
Former Minister of Oil

By: Ali Ahmed Al-Baghli

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