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Contemplate Amir’s call

HH the Amir has resolved the issue and made it clear that the one-vote system will not be cancelled. Those who turned a deaf ear to the Amir’s words should realize the depth of his statement because it is the reality. No person with suspicious tendencies can deny this reality. Those craving for power cannot cover this reality with games played in the dark or behind the doors of personal interests which have blinded them. These people sold themselves to the devil of greed. They tried to ‘burn’ the country in a bid to win parliamentary seats.

When the Amir talked about the recent incidents in the country and highlighted critical issues, he showed full awareness of all matters concerning the nation — locally or regionally. We hope this marks the end of the conflict instigated by a small number of people who deflected the whole nation away from accusations pertaining to development and delayed projects. We wish these people will stop from encouraging some youths by raising slogans that have no relation with reality.
Will some people’s denial of involvement in political blackmail and monopoly over parliamentary decisions prompt them to instigate chaos, destruction and sedition? Is it not crystal clear to Kuwaitis that their actions indicate they are not competent enough to bear legislation responsibilities, and are far from the patriotism song they sing day and night?
If we look into speeches delivered at Erada Square or somewhere else, we will realize that they do nothing but offend the country and individuals. They claimed millions have been stolen from the public fund and some of which have been deposited in Israel. We then ask: Has Kuwait been neglected to the extent that someone can steal public money without being known or exposed by one or more monitoring agencies in the local or international arena? They alleged was taken to Israel.
In spite of their trivial claims, the heart of the Amir is large enough to accommodate the entire country. Based on absolute faith in the judiciary’s integrity and utmost professionalism with which it performs its duties, the decision to face the Public Prosecution and State Audit Bureau was necessary to the clear the minds of everybody. This will prevent any claim in the future that the country failed in taking its responsibility to protect public funds and reveal the truth.
Whenever we remember statements made by those few people, we are embarrassed to discover some do not fear God; such that inordinate ambition for transient position had pushed them to this level of cruelty. Despite the sour experiences, one benefit is still there — the strange culture in our midst — because anything strange does not last long as it contradicts nature. This is why we have seen people abandoning the Except the Seat Group which should ponder on its current situation.
Instead of engaging in exaggeration, triviality, provocation, blackmailing the judiciary, tarnishing people’s image and assaulting the leadership; these people should be ashamed of themselves. Probably, they will think about their misdeeds and history will record the actions they took against the country.
Therefore, they should ask themselves if they are really working for the nation, according to their claim. What have they gained from extravagance and destruction? What has Kuwait gained from them? 
After the Amir’s speech, which is considered the ‘leader’ of all speeches, everyone felt the country is safe. The only thing we can say about the ‘retinue’ of vulgarity coming from the Except the Seat Group is: “Allah is our strength.”

 By Ahmed Al-Jarallah

Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

By: Ahmed Al-Jarallah

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