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‘Wise, fair leader today’s need’ ‘Arab world must put faith in Egypt as area troubleshooter’

If half cup of water slipped into the trachea and then into the lungs, a man would immediately suffocate and die. This is prevented by the ‘epiglottis’ or the ‘bolt of death’ as referred to in Kuwait. Epiglottis performs the job of the ‘gendarmerie’ in protecting the human body by directing things that enter the body through the mouth, safely into the intestines. 

In Egypt, a gendarme used to be referred to as a ‘guard’ in the past because he stays up late until dawn to protect the street. He would move from one area to another to deter or arrest thugs and thieves. He would loudly call out “Who is there?” to scare thieves and warn them that he would catch them if they committed any stupidity. 
The tales about gendarmerie are not Egyptian anecdotes - they are true. The gendarmerie existed in Japan almost 100 years ago and was referred as the ‘Kuban’. Police kiosks were distributed in various areas within the districts of Japan to ensure preservation of security and protection of citizens. Because of the ‘Kuban’, Japan is considered one of the safest countries in the world. 
Today, Egypt performs the role of ‘Kuban’ in the Middle East. On the other hand, America has taken up the role of ‘gendarmerie’ in the Middle East. 
There is a big difference between Kuban and gendarmerie. People like Kuban and feel safe and comfortable with them. Egypt is close to almost all countries and is loved by many. It has become wide-minded under the tenure of President Abdul Fattah el-Sisi. The role of protecting Middle East is suitable for Egypt under its current leadership. Moreover, the Egyptian initiative to call for a ceasefire in Gaza proves that it is efficiently performing its job. 
Irrespective of whether the response of the Palestinian armed forces towards such an initiative was negative or positive, we must all realize that the Arab street is no longer lacking honest guards. 
We need clever leaders like el-Sisi to ensure security and to control thugs. Arab World has been kidnapped because of the so-called ‘Arab Spring’ which does not want to depart even in a hot month of July. I think it is time for efforts to be unified for one man to issue one decision because we have all grown weak even though we still want to become a leader and impose conditions on all. 
El-Sisi is currently the most suitable and efficient leader — firstly because he is the president of the most prominent Arab country and secondly because Arab leaders do not rule by the Constitution. They rule based on the military law because the chaos created by the so-called Arab Spring has produced a violent and rebellious generation that wants leaders based on its ambitions. However, this does not mean the rule must hinder the freedom of Arab nations or block their opinions and demands. 
In addition, it is not useful to allow contemporary Arab man to decide his destiny alone. There is a popular Arab adage which says ‘The intestines inside a man fight each other’ which means Arabs often quarrel with one another. We need a wise leader who can handle matters fairly and impartially. We need a man who has succeeded in eliminating the safety and security defects that emerged when some citizens decided to go out on the street in demand for their rights. 
The Arab Republic of Egypt must activate its role widely and convince the Arab World through its deeds that it is deservedly a dignified country. It should seriously work on eradicating the concept of ‘I support you merely to settle my loans’.
A country, which is regarded as a ‘beggar’ in the eyes of the world, cannot make decisions. Egypt has to deal with the world as a responsible and reliable country. The Middle East has to treat it as a great country of the region. 
The Arab Republic of Egypt does not deserve accusations about its credibility in solving the crisis of the recent Israeli aggression in Gaza. Egypt, under the tenure of President El-Sisi, is capable of defusing the tension because of the diplomatic and military wisdom as well as the experience of the leadership.
It is necessary to trust in the wisdom and insight of el-Sisi. He had skillfully managed to close the mouths of Arab and Western demons who had gathered in Al-Tahrir Square to organize a huge satanic party with the aim of destroying Egypt. He succeeded in reviving Egypt and kicking out all the demons through firm political decisions. Egypt is the ‘bolt of death’ or the epiglottis of the Middle East and protects it from suffocation and death. Let us trust in Egypt and its efforts.
By Intisar Al-Matouq 

By: Intisar Al-Matouq

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