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MoH okays formation of child protection teams in hospitals Dr Al-Sahlawi to head panel for psychiatric patients

KUWAIT CITY, July 22: Minister of Health Dr Ali Al-Obeidi has endorsed the formation of child protection teams stationed in every hospital with the headquarters at the ministry to protect children below 18 years old from abuse and negligence.
Al-Obeidi affirmed Law Number 127/2014 on child protection stipulates that each team will include not less than two pediatricians, two internal medicine doctors, two pediatric nurses, two social specialists, two psychiatrists and representative from the Department of Child Protection in the Ministry of Interior.
Protection involves child abuse and any kind of mistreatment, whether physically or emotionally or both; molestation, negligence, commercial exploitation among others, and abuse that may lead to actual or potential harm of the health of the child and his dignity and development.
Al-Obeidi urged doctors in hospitals and health centers to report any suspicion of child abuse, by following the procedure set for this purpose. He added that in case of child abuse report, the team will notify the Department of Child Protection in the Interior Ministry through its hotline 25632140 whereby the necessary measures will be taken. 
Meanwhile, “Kuwait decided to form the supreme national committee for child protection according to article number 116/2013 to set plans and measures to protect children against all types of abuse”, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Health and Chairman of the committee Khalid Al-Sahlawi told Kuwait News Agency (KUNA).
The law includes taking legal measures against child abusers and provides psychological and social therapy to the children and their families, said Al-Sahlawi.
The committee includes experts from the public and private sectors, members of NGOs, and child-related societies, he added.
Moreover, Head of the Pediatric and Premature Infants Department in the Ministry and Vice President of the committee Mona Al-Khawary said the committee will study the current child protection laws and legislation in order to develop them.
The committee also works on raising public awareness on child rights, she said, adding that the committee will follow up procedures in child abuse cases in cooperation with the Ministry of Interior.
On a related issue, the minister of health also sanctioned the formation of supreme national committee for psychiatric patients headed by the Undersecretary Dr Khaled Al-Sahlawi and membership of 19 health officials, in addition to representatives from the ministries of Information, Education, Interior, Social Affairs and Labor.
The objective of the committee is to set a new national plan for services provided to psychiatric patients, and also to set executive plans and indicators to ensure every patient has access to psychological services, in addition to media plan which aims at spreading social awareness through various campaigns related to psychiatric health services. The committee will also propose laws to improve welfare of psychiatric patients and to encourage volunteer work in this field.
 By Marwa Al-Bahrawi
Al-Seyassah Staff

By: Marwa Al-Bahrawi

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