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Spokesman Ahmad Saeed Al-Hamsawi

WITH about four thousand dead and wounded, and hundreds of displaced people, the whole of Gaza Strip is on the brink of humanitarian and starvation crisis amidst thousands of explosives and bombs fired by Israel in the last 17 days. 
Will all these losses be recovered by taking an Israeli soldier as hostage and killing 40 others? Has the sense of despair reached a point where people celebrate the capture of an Israeli soldier in Gaza Strip by distributing sweets on the streets, let alone the wastage of thousands of bullets fired into the air in the besieged Strip which is in need of bread and drop of water? 
The celebrations along Gaza streets, where the ‘storm’ of bombs are falling and the morgue is packed with bodies of children, are clear indications that Hamas, after bringing catastrophe to Gaza Strip, is now looking for something to continue misleading the people instead of feeling ashamed of everything that has happened. Hamas should not render cheap blood, souls and destinies by merely capturing an Israeli soldier while 11,000 Palestinians languish in Israeli jails.
The celebration scenes were absolutely shameful. Hamas should take responsibility in accordance with the reality; not only through the media, but in all of its practices. It should consider and contemplate on the plight of defenseless Palestinians being murdered day and night by internationally banned Israeli weapons, under the patronage and support of the United States of America and other Western countries.
Hamas should stop ‘the dismissal’ and agree with Egypt’s initiative which is inevitable because the entire world met for this reason. Hamas should let go of its illusions to achieve ‘divine victory’, similar to the illusions of Hassan Nasrallah in 2006 after he destroyed Lebanon in a war known as, ‘I wish I knew’.
This kind of disaster is the natural result of disintegration. Sadly, the Palestinians, who rose to defend their cause, have become tools in the investment market. Instead of a unified leadership like that of Vietnam which managed to impose its will on the world, the Palestinians are divided into more than 20 factions and each faction is affiliated to a certain country — Arab or non-Arab. Each faction operates based on its agendas under the pretext of liberating Palestine.
Why didn’t the Palestinians learn from the Vietnamese experience rather than remaining a laughing stock whereby every group talks in its own ethical way? Why didn’t they toe the line with which the Vietnamese people handled the French and Americans in less than four decades? Could the reason be the fact that Arabs do not learn? According to Moshe Dayan in 1967, “Arabs don’t read. If they do, they don’t understand; if they understand, they don’t comprehend; if they comprehend, they don’t apply and if they apply, they are not cautious.” 
Although Arabs have repeatedly mentioned this saying, they never worked to dispel it. The least they could have done is to read about others’ experiences to learn from them. Here they are now repeating the same mistake of 1948 on the Palestinian issue whose investment has been transferred to other places after a series of divisions. Here is Iran fighting a war against the West in Gaza territory using Palestinian tools.
Iran is not satisfied as it uses Gaza, which has been cut out of Palestine, to solve its problem with the world; such that Hamas has offered it on a platter of gold to the Muslim Brotherhood Movement whose assignment is to gather all terrorist groups disguising under Islam to establish a nation in Sinai. Former US Secretary of State Hilary Clinton revealed this in her memoir. She said she obtained the support of 120 nations for that structure, but the June 30 Egyptian revolution disrupted the plan.
It is true that Israel is the American-Western protectorate. However, it is also true that the Arab regimes have prompted the world to abandon us when we needed their support to return the Palestinians to their land. The regime of Muammar Gaddafi used the Palestinian revolution slogan to carry out several terrorist acts, targeting numerous civilians in various locations throughout the world. 
Saddam Hussein did the same as seen in his unorthodox manner of finding the way to Palestine through Kuwait. Before them, Gamal Abdul-Nasser was among several others who rose to the dictatorial position through the Palestinian issue.
Instead of changing such an irrational situation, citizens of the country have mortgaged themselves to those regimes. They perpetrated terrorism in many European countries to attract foes from the West and East. After all this, they should not expect the world to rescue them.

 By Ahmed Al-Jarallah

Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

By: Ahmed Al-Jarallah

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