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‘Govt must fully co-op with bank deposits scandal probe panel’ MP forwards question on house granted to Maasouma

KUWAIT CITY, July 22: The government must fully cooperate with the parliamentary committee tasked to investigate the multimillion deposits scandal by providing information on the bank accounts of former MPs since 2006, says committee Chairman MP Abdullah Al-Turaiji. Speaking to reporters after the committee meeting on Tuesday, Al-Turaiji disclosed the panel will mention in its report to be submitted to the Parliament that the ministries of Justice and Commerce had refused to cooperate. He disclosed the committee listened to the testimonies of some Parliament Secretariat General workers who attended meetings of the previous investigative committee. He said the members of the current committee have discovered that their predecessors did not complete any report, contrary to the speculations of some.
He pointed out MP Musallam Al-Barrak - chairman of the previous committee - seem to confirm that the report was not prepared when he forwarded a letter requesting for extension of the deadline to the Parliament on June 10, 2012; a few days prior to the annulment of the legislature. He added the annulled legislature had obtained information on the swollen bank accounts of 13 former MPs but “we want to conduct investigation after receiving the information which we have requested earlier.” He said the previous committee conducted investigations along with Lieutenant General Abdul-Hameed Al-Awadi who revealed there were no conclusive results as further investigations must be carried out by the Criminal Investigation Department. 
Asked if the current committee has obtained new information, Al-Turaiji confirmed the committee received the Audit Bureau report on the multimillion deposits; stressing the need to study and support the recommendations of the bureau. On the other hand, Al-Turaiji has forwarded questions to State Minister for Housing Affairs Yasser Aboul on the house granted to former MP Dr Maasouma Al-Mubarak. He said Al-Mubarak was given a house in Al-Rawda, so he wants to know if Al-Mubarak’s old house in Sabah Al-Salem has been reclaimed or withdrawn. If yes, he demanded for a copy of the decision in this regard and if no, he wants to know the justifications.
Meanwhile, MP Abdul Hameed Dashti has asked Oil Minister Dr Ali Al-Omair to cancel the decision on the compulsory retirement of directors and team leaders who have served for 35 years in Kuwait Petroleum Corporation (KPC) and its subsidiaries for more study based on the principle of equality in rights and duties as guaranteed by the Constitution; particularly Article Seven which states justice, freedom and equality are the pillars of society.
Dashti stressed the need to lay down fair principles and standards on referring workers for compulsory retirement. He asserted the directors and team leaders are as important as other top officials because they are the executive and supervisory bodies which manage and operate the refineries, oil fields and production units in oil companies. 
By Abubakar A. Ibrahim
Arab Times Staff

By: Abubakar A. Ibrahim

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